Here we are middle of July! This week is normally a week of getting things dialed in – for our Open House! We are going to continue to get things dialed in this week as we are working on a Virtual Crop Tour! We have been collecting some pictures from around our District and will include things here at the Station. We are a bit behind with things with the wetter weather last week. Hoping that Mother Nature cooperates this week and we will get back on track. Stay tuned for the details of the Virtual Crop Tour. We are not sure yet how we will make it all work, but we will!

Last week while out collecting photos and videos for our Virtual Crop Tour we had the opportunity to visit the Kingsman Family from Devlin. They are working on a great project with Haskap (Honey Berries.) If you don’t know what they are; google them. As well they have bees. They have some great project plans, stay tuned! I understand Rocky Ridge Fruit Farm has had an amazing season so far. It is great to have access to local fruit and berries. Keep up the great work!

So, when Marlee ordered her ducks this spring, she wanted to two but the minimum order is four. She made a deal with our friend James that he would take two after they were large enough to determine sex. We agreed of course, then she really liked all four, so we were unsure if she was going to fulfill her commitment to James. But over the weekend she did just that! I think she was a bit sad but was happy because she knows how much James likes birds. She thinks this will work out just fine because then she could get more next spring. . . ?

Though the rain set us back with haying last week, things picked up again over the weekend. Although – the fields are much softer and there are places that you need to avoid unlike when we started because there is water in the low holes again. My boyfriend/partner agreed to do a load of square bales yesterday and I am hoping we can maybe do a few more yet. I am not sure he will agree on that. My brother was able to come and rake and cut and it sure makes a big difference with lots of help!

Once again, my kill-deer family nested at the end of my driveway. This family of birds have been doing this since Maddie was a little girl. I can still see her catching a baby and then not sure what she should do as she was a shocked as the little bird. I marked the nest, so they didn’t get run over. I was very concerned about my cats. I was thinking that they might be hard on the babies, but the mom and dad disappeared. I don’t know if they got them or they just abandoned their next because of the predators. Anyway, we have four eggs in the incubator now. Not sure what we will do if they hatch. . . I guess we will be googling that as well.

Last week a special person from Stratton took the time to pop into the Station with a couple of Ice-Cream treats for Katie and me! He came to the field and dropped them off. Thank you, friend! Kindness is such a great feeling. Our ice-cream break was a highlight of our week.