How about this weather!?! Amazing morning. A bit of rain and you can instantly see the green grass. Just like that I felt like I was feeling calm and relaxed and BOOM – I need to be in three places at once. I am so happy for the producers that are out on their land either preparing to seed or seeding. This is a much-deserved spring for them. My student doesn’t start at EARS until Monday, but I am hoping I can have things prepared for a busy week for her and I. We are cut back enough that I don’t have the same overwhelmed feeling as some springs.
We sold 1425 animals at the Stratton Sales Barn on Saturday for $1,638,140.53. It was strange to see the spectators missing from our Sales Barn. For the most part people were very respectable of the physical distancing rules. We are thankful for Kim Desserre who managed the door, sign in sheet and who went around and sanitized door handles and such every half hour. There are people that don’t believe in our current situation and we appreciate her handling everyone graciously. Thank you to all our staff that showed up and did an excellent job of taking care of all these animals. This is not an easy job, but we really do have a great group of people that we count on regularly. A special thank you to Dave Martin who not only shows up the week prior to the Sale and literally gets the water running but who will be around most of this week helping James clean everything up again. Thank you, Dave, you are appreciated by us all. I think it was a true testament that our Rainy River raised cattle are worth the buyers driving many miles to attend the sale. Our Eastern buyers who would normally fly in, drove. Our Western buyers also had to put on a few more miles as the border is closed. Rooms were available but it isn’t easy to find food, so it added another task to James to find food for Saturday. Though you are not able to shake James’ had right now, if you have time to thank him for hosting another great sale, I think it would be appreciated. It isn’t easy to run a regular sale but during the COVID situation it put a lot more stress on his shoulders. We had a group of excellent cattle! I would say likely one of our best spring sales. The cattle looked good. James mentioned that the buyers were commenting on the great run of cattle as well. Great job to our producers! Thank you to everyone who made this another successful weekend and we will be back to offer some more great Rainy River raised cattle in August!
Lambing is nearly complete with only two yearlings left to lamb. This coming weekend we will booster vaccines with the cow herd and sort out groups for breeding. I am hoping that the new bull I purchased will arrive home this weekend. We will sort into 3 groups and it takes time to get the right cows with the right cows in the right spot! I will likely jinx myself, but the yard is staying nice to work in and that will make the task a bit more enjoyable!
I participated in a Birthday parade! A big shoot out to Landon Teeple who is celebrating his birthday and since no partying allowed, we did a parade through his driveway! It was so great, and I understand his was really touched!