So, we have moved into rain every second day and though the last bit of rain hasn’t been large amounts, it certainly puts a damper on making hay. We have around 100 acres left. And after struggling a bit to get the last stuff baled up, we are gun-shy about cutting more. It sounds like we could get a fair bit of rain Tuesday so I am hoping that the weather will change to a dryer spell after that. Although, when I check the long-term weather it looks damp until the end of the month. Frustrating to say the least. Many reports are coming in of lower yields and risk of people having to sell cows. I was hoping that we would all get a decent second crop and if nothing else these showers should help with that and as well our pastures.
Along with the weather another frustrating part of farming is damage from wildlife. I likely have mentioned in a prior column that the deer have been keeping our soybeans trimmed. So much that I am unsure that we will have a soybean harvest at all. We have fenced it and put out our disco balls, but I am not sure that has discouraged them much. Worse than that, my friend lost a calf to a bear or wolf. The calf was still alive when they found him, but the infections sets in fast when they get beat up by these animals. There is a program in place for livestock kills but funding has been tight, and claims can be turned down. Frustrating to say the least.
We are working on our virtual tour! The plan is to have all my video clips submitted over the next day or so and we are hoping it can be viewed over YouTube. I will be sure to let you know where to find it and I will send out an email to those of you on my group email. I think many will be missing the great doughnuts from the bakery in Rainy River that we like to serve at our Open House!
We are pleased that our 4-H Steer auction is going well. Thank you to those who have already purchased a steer. If you are interested in still purchasing a steer you can view them at and on our Facebook page at 4-H Beef Clubs – Rainy River District. We are hoping to have some small club shows so that our members can still have some fun with all their hard work on training their animals.
We are already started to think about our Fall Cattle Sales. The first one is August 29. If you have cattle to sale you can get in touch with our Manager – James Gibson 271-2005. The boys have done some work down at the Sales Barn. We are still waiting for approval from our funding agencies but no matter what we had to get some gravel hauled into our burnt-out area. We were running short of pens at our April sale, so we had to get things ready for this fall.