Missed Moos… not

Thank you to those who reached out wondering why I missed a week of Moos. I didn’t! It was the long weekend, so I decided to write my column on Monday night. It is never early when I do it but was all proud to have it completed since short work weeks are busy weeks. I emailed it off to Megan but in my proud moment I forgot to attach the Moos to the email. Megan called me and asked for it, but I had written it at home and could not access my computer from work. In a long shot I called my mom to see if she would go to my computer and try send it. I was not able to explain how to attach and find my Moos so that did not work!

The week started off with quite a storm. We drove through most of it returning home from Maddie’s 16th birthday supper. It was a little creepy and we did have to pull over for a bit. We do have a few trees over the fence, but no damage done like others. We certainly did not need the rain and it kept us off the land all week. By the time we were leaving work Friday we were starting to see the land drying and it certainly should have been with all the wind we have been receiving. Friday night before I went to bed; even though they were not calling for rain we had another little rain burst. This caused me some stress as our Sheep Shearer was expecting on Saturday and they are much nicer to shear when they are dry! Yes, the sheep and alpaca have their winter coats off and they are out to grass! Sunday was supposed to be the last day for bottle lambs. It seemed like that would be the case but then after supper my mom spotted another little guy that did not look like his mom was over doing it with him so guess what? Back in the barn we went with him and the smallest of our bottle babies. We will try grow him a bit and get him back out to enjoy some grass. It was so close to being done with bottles and extra chores! I was planning to get my cows out but then decided to give them another week. The main reason was everything is so wet that I thought I would keep them from punching up and tramping the grass. Not sure if it is the right move or not. I am just thankful that they are still cooperating with me and not complaining more about still eating hay. I am even thinking of a way that I can put them through the main gate single file so that I can still give my calves a shot of “Longrange.” It is a dewormer that I think is effective but was not available when I was giving the other vaccines. I think I have a plan that will work but not sure my helpers are on board with my plan.

Quick reminder — please take time to attend the Rainy River Regional Abattoir AGM on Thursday June 9 at 7 p.m. at the Chapple Rec Centre. The staff and board work extremely hard to keep things running and would really appreciate seeing some members and supporters come out to hear the updates! As the costs continue to rise for food the benefits of eating local food that is less travelled becomes more and more beneficial!