Merry mayhem

I was doing pretty good picking up a few gifts here and there and for some reason I quit. Now as I write today’s date, I feel a little panicked. Truth is, likely those who are not checked off on my list don’t really require a lot. I really do enjoy giving gifts; I just don’t really enjoy shopping! I also really enjoy decorating! I think I am finished my outdoor display. I had plans for a couple other things, but I think I am quitting. I was rushing around Saturday finished off lights, cords, timers and just had some greenery to add. Girls were out and really wanted me to pull them around on this rubber mat we have that we normally pull with a snow machine, but we need a bit more snow. So, it was; “Auntie Kimmie please can you take us for a few laps?” I will be honest I wanted to say No, but they remind myself it won’t be long, and they won’t want to do this, so I pulled them. We stopped for chores and supper. Maddie was heading out that evening, but they all wanted a few trips in the dark. I agreed once again. I noticed they were riding a little more to the front of this long matt and figured it was most likely they didn’t want to fall off as we went through a trail in the bush. They really enjoy going around the field at the house and you can spin them around the corners quickly. We did this but because they were riding near the front of the matt then whipped around the corner and took out my blow out Santa riding a tractor! I could not see this! As I came back around Shane and Clayton flagged me down to tell me about the issue. The girls were still laughing as the poor snowman went half way down the field with them dragging along still mostly blown up! It ripped the end off the cord and off he went to the shop for repairs. It was a quick fix and Santa was up waving again at the end of the driveway, just tucked in a bit closer to our gate sign. I asked Marlee; “why didn’t you holler at me?” She said they were laughing too hard. I thought is was maybe they felt bad as it takes me many hours to get everything decorated. . .

Rainy River Soil & Crop is hosting their Annual Meeting on December 15 beginning at 6:30 p.m. It will be available via Zoom. If you would like more details, please get in touch with Tom Morrish at 807-486-3622.

Rainy River Cattlemen’s have booked their AGM for Thursday January 21, 2021 at the Emo Legion. Please mark your calendars.

I am finished my Research Report and will be having it printed this week. Please reach out to me if you would like me to get you a copy or I can email you. I will be sure to leave some extras at Emo Feeds. The Research Station will be closed after December 18 but you are still able to get in touch with me by email or phone! We have a name change! Going forward we will be now knows as – Ontario Crops Research Centre – Emo! This will take me some time to get use to. All stations will be changing their names to standardize us all. No more EARS, now it will be OCRCE!