Merry Christmas from Moos

Well, I was supposed to be in Guelph for Monday and Tuesday of this week and the more I thought about it the more it stressed me out. I would have had to leave Sunday and return Wednesday, and the truth is I am not ready for Christmas and the thought of being gone that extra time caused me so grief. And the thought of getting stuck in an airport with bad weather or cancelled flights really made me think that Zoom was a great option. I don’t think that everyone was impressed with my decision, but I was and that should be what matter’s most!

When I feed grain to my calves, I always count them morning and night because I feed them hay away from the barn and I like to know they are all coming for grain. Sunday morning, I was short one. I could see the calf up near the hay but knew something was wrong when she wasn’t coming for grain. Sure, enough she was stuck in the hay feeder. I tried to back her out, but her ribs would catch. She got in through a broken spot but of course she didn’t see that spot trying to get back out. I knew she was fine the night before at chore time, so this happened sometime through the night. I called by boyfriend / partner, so he came with his Dewalt tools, and we cut the bars to get her out. She was hurting but walked up for water. I wanted to get her in to give her a pain killer but of course that took some time with all the deep snow in the corral. She seems to be doing o.k. but has some swelling in her hip so I hope that will go away after rest. I have her and another heifer in getting a little extra T.L.C. This is another good reason that I stayed home!

I have not wrapped any gifts yet. It is not my favourite job at all and when my friend Destiny was living here, she would come and do that for me! I need to find myself another Destiny. I did take the time to organize everything so next step will be the wrapping. Mind you I need to get a few more things.

My mom’s dog, Daisee had to have surgery this week. She is having a lump removed that they feel is most likely cancer. We hope this will still give her some years as she really seems to be feeling fine. She isn’t overly active but that is normal for Daisee. She and my mom have put in many walking miles to get her trimmed up after my dad passed away as he was killing her with kindness (treats.) She is patient for the most part with Lexi and Berkley but occasionally, she has enough of their puppy craziness and settles them both down.

Merry Christmas to everyone! Thank you to all of you who continue to read my farm news. I am sometimes shocked at the people that tell my how much they enjoy reading “Moos” – so thank you!