Mental health course soon approaching

I was expecting it to be so cold this morning and Roxee wasn’t too impressed with me as we trucked along one of our cow trails to be sure they had a good night. It was cold, but what a beautiful view with frost in the air, snow on the trees and the sun shining. Today is a feeding day for me and though I don’t have the biggest herd in the district it takes a fair bit of time to get the frozen twine off the bales and the hay distributed around. This will likely be my last feeding of the cows in the bush. My calving date is not until Feb. 13 but as I see them starting to show more sign, I get nervous. I know they are likely more comfortable where they are but calving outside in these temperatures isn’t an option. I had great plans of having everything caught up in my life before calving started but it sure isn’t looking good. I haven’t even got my Christmas letter wrote yet. I gave up on doing it before Christmas a few years ago but January should be less busy – right!?

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s hosted their Annual Meeting last Thursday! We had approximately 35 people join us. We are happy to have 3 new board members join us this year; Delton Martin, Jeff Pollard and Jamie Beal. We will elect our President and Vice this week, but it is looking like we have an excellent board. We do have a big task ahead of us with our barn re-build. As noted from our outgoing President Murray – “this community comes together for projects like this and we will make it happen!” Thank you for your continued support of our Association and the Sales Barn. We are moving into our 62nd year of marketing cattle and are looking forward to it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have concerns or suggestions.

We were fortunate to be given the opportunity to participate in Farm Smart once again this year. This is a speaker event that is hosted at Waterloo and the University of Guelph. They make webinars available to us so we can hear the live event as well as questions. Technology is quite amazing and helpful as most of us wouldn’t be travelling across the province to attend these sessions. This year we participated in both Cereal Smart and Beef Smart. It is well worth attending so when you see the opportunity next year please consider attending.

We are excited that our Mental Health First Aid course is quickly approaching. We still have a few seats available for the course on Jan. 30 and 31 at the Emo Inn. Please give me or Lisa Teeple a call if you would like to attend. It will be well worth your time. The reviews of these events have been rated very high and we are very fortunate to have this offered to us.