Memories of my Grandpa

Sadly, our family lost our Grandpa Bliss on Friday night. Thankfully, he slipped away quite quickly.
Grandpa and his quick talk will be greatly missed. You had to be on your toes and be prepared for him to tell you pretty much anything.
If you didn’t know him well, you may have had your feelings hurt but he certainly didn’t mean any harm. He was a black-and-white man–and held nothing back.
Mine Centre was his home and he wasn’t real excited when he moved into Fort Frances.
To the Blisses, there is no other lake like Turtle Lake. Grandpa liked to fish and even though I didn’t fish much, I always heard the stories about first fish was a $1 or who caught the big one.
I can remember a few stories about heading into Robinson–although some stories involved angry wives.
While being the janitor at Mine Centre Public School, Grandpa proudly would tell us stories about how the floors sparkled and was proud of the compliments he would receive. A few times he would take us into the school on the weekends to show off his good work.
Both Grandpa and Grandma Bliss had many friends and they had many good times with them. I honestly can say that they likely have many more party hours under their belt than I.
Whenever there was a Mine Centre event (being a birthday or reunion), grandpa was thrilled. Summers in Mine Centre were always a fair bit more exciting with the increased population and the kids all coming to catch the big one on Turtle.
Grandpa, while still in Mine Centre and after retiring, started to do some woodworking. Grandma was supposed to be the painter and I think we all likely have some of his creations.
The best thing was his jar opener–everyone should have one of these in their kitchens.
We certainly will miss our Grandpa, but the last few years he wasn’t living the way he enjoyed to live. I am sure he and Grandma are enjoying a warm “Blue” right now–listening to “You and Me Go Fishing in the Dark!”
Good-bye Grandpa, and thank you for being like no other grandpa!