March break brings more barn work-bees

Welcome to the middle of March and hearing that we are going to have some warmer weather this week makes me feel great. These last couple mornings were not feeling too spring like! I am waiting on my last four to calve well I am not sure I am waiting but I have four more expected to come over the next week. Despite the winter weather and crazy winds, the calves seem to be doing well. Dry weather is better for them than wet so I guess we shouldn’t complain. I think I have secured a load of hay; (I should say a load of very expensive hay!) but it will give me some comfort. They are large square bales so I will likely try to feed them over my round bales as they don’t store as well as the round. They are meant to be in a barn. So far, the radio playing is keeping the elk away from the hay yard. Worst part is I think they have moved around to the other neighbours. The warmer weather will help them move as well so I hope they are not bother any of us soon.

March Break for the kids has arrived. I am happy to have my youngest niece spending some time farming. She is a big help. Her dog came with her but two young dogs in the house is a bit of a challenge, so Berkley goes and sleeps at my moms. Lexi is loving it and is extra tired on these play days. Lexi is a very determined pup; she is 40 lbs and Berkley is 80 lbs, but Lexi will not back down or give up. She is quite a brat. Lexi has no fear now of the cows and calves. She is going to have to get a lesson from one of the cows before she takes a bit more precaution. When I was feeding the other day, I had five calves running around the yard, as I looked back in my tractor, I saw a little black lab herding them back into the gate. She might be getting it! (But really, I think she thought it was a game.)

We are planning on another Work-Bee this weekend at the Sales Barn. Our end of the project date is quickly approaching and on top of that, our sale date is just a month away. The guys have a great plan now for the old pole barn and they have a lot of work started in there. We are starting to really see what a great facility we have. We look forward to many years of selling our good Rainy River Raised cattle.

It looks like I will be working from home for a bit. You can barely see the top of the picnic table at the front of the Research Station. If you have anything, you’d like to discuss you can reach out to me or swing by my house. I will begin to share some of the work we have ahead of us soon!

Happy March Break everyone!