Many tributes to a life well-lived

I was fortunate to know and call Rachel Hill a friend. Myself and many, many others. Sadly, Rachel lost her battle with cancer and she was honoured with a beautiful memorial on Saturday right at her home.
Most people who live longer haven’t conquered as much as this amazing, strong, and determined woman did. The tributes to a life well-lived were heart-breaking and she deserved to beat this battle.
Last fall, Rachel attended the “Laying tile in the fight” fundraiser for breast cancer and I was so proud of her for being so strong.
Rachel embraced everything in life with her whole heart and for those of us who were lucky enough to know her, we all should aim to live a life like hers.
• • •
OK, so this weather must improve–and quickly! We started haying a couple of weeks ago and it was going well, and this past week it all went south. Rain every second day, or a few times in a day, has not made it easy.
Finally on Monday, I could get the hay baled up that was down for a week at least. We debated heavily on cutting Monday night but the weather looked to be very unstable at least for the next couple of days.
What I wouldn’t give for a week or two of good, old-fashioned hot and dry weather!
• • •
Our baler needed a new clutch so during this downtime, a neighbour was kind enough to put it in. I cannot express how kind gestures like this mean so much to me.
I can do a lot of things but repairs are not on the top of the list (my dad and I are the same). My boyfriend/partner is pretty good in the repair end but isn’t always available.
Special thanks to all my neighbours for rescuing me over the years–and likely a few more years to come.
• • •
I headed home from work last Thursday and drove straight to a neighbour’s field to start raking. We were hoping to get the hay baled but it was just too green and, of course, then it was rained on the next morning.
Once I was finished raking, I decided to drive the tractor home thinking that we should be finished over there. I then decided to bike over to get my vehicle and thought I was going to die–not from the bike ride but the deer flies.
I actually considered turning around but thought that was dumb since the bugs would just follow me back home.
I always have felt bad for the animals battling these darn bugs at this time of the year but I had a whole new appreciation for them.
Once I arrived at the field, I was planning to walk across the first field to get the jeep, but then was worried about snakes so I pretended I had a mountain bike and made it to jeep–only to be challenged with getting my bike in!
Fortunately, I succeeded and enjoyed my ride back home.
• • •
Now that July has arrived, I would like to remind you to join us on our annual soil and crop tour and Open House.
Be sure to mark Wednesday, July 25 on your calendar. It will be a great day touring around this great district!