Lucky to have missed storm

Well, I was lucky enough to travel around the storm of last week.
Not sure if I should say lucky or not–my family (mostly my brother) had me stressed out about travelling. I am still so tense in my neck and shoulder that I really need a massage!
I was happy to arrive back in Winnipeg to find my truck not snowed in the parking lot! The way everyone was describing the weather, I thought my truck might be there until spring.
Meanwhile, the Beef Farmers of Ontario meeting I attended was informative and interesting. We had a packed agenda but managed to tackle everything.
It often is tough with that many people in one room and all have fairly strong opinions.
The worst part of my trip was locking my keys in my truck. That’s my biggest fear–and I am very cautious of this since I’ve had a dog lock me out in the past.
I left the door open while I unplugged the cord. But then while sweeping off the truck, the door partially shut and, of course, it was locked!
I was lucky a very nice person helped me with a clothes hanger and we got the door open.
Yes, I have a spare key–but it was in my purse in the truck!
• • •
I arrived home in time to quickly do my chores and then pull out my very warm clothes for the Emo “Holly Daze” parade!
It was going to be a cold one.
Marlee wasn’t in the greatest mood right from the start and both girls got very cold–too cold to even toss out their candy, which they think is the greatest thing! Even “Li’l Rox” was shivering.
But despite the cold night, the parade was awesome! It always really warms my heart to see all the seniors watching and waving at us as we pass by their homes!
• • •
This will be my last week at the agricultural research station in Emo. I’m planning to have things cleaned up and moved out–and a good thing as the snowdrift in front of the door was well over my head (it drifts badly on the south side of the building).
My reports will be ready this week.
I will leave a bunch at Emo Feed, but please call if you won’t be able to pick one up there.