Lower grain yields predicted

Wow, this month is already a week old! Time seems to fly by once the fall season starts.
Our plot forage harvester broke down about two hours from being finished all our second cut and haylage/silage trials.
We are hoping that we will have it back this week and finish up! We just went right into combining barley—and of course we did end up with a small breakdown but thankfully the Nussbaumers rescued us and got us back in action very quickly!
If the weather cooperates, I would think we will have a majority of our grain combined this week.
I am still predicting lower yields as the grain seems small and light.
Of course, we are approaching the time of year that my students will be leaving so I am trying to jam as much work in as I possibly can!
• • •
My boyfriend/partner and I jammed as much into our long weekend as we possibly could!
We went to the top end of the trap line (small cabin) and cut the trees off roof and cleaned up all the brush that had blown down in one of the storms.
It made a huge improvement. The water is actually very high on the little lake; no beach and our natural rock dock is under water.
Roxee spent all her time swimming and chasing squirrels.
I have to admit I did freak out a couple of times—she was swimming a long way out as she was quite proud of herself and the other time she was in the bush for likely a half-hour and I was worried she would be lost up in the middle of nowhere!
It didn’t help that Clayton wouldn’t let her out after dark as he said the wolves would eat her in seconds.
We also have a bear that returns frequently and marks his territory on the corner of the wood shed and I am sure it would enjoy a friendly black lab puppy as well.
• • •
Some of the Heyens’ kids from Alberta were home to celebrate George’s 50th birthday!
His birthday was earlier this Spring but we waited to party until the kids came. The twins are certainly growing up!
My boyfriend/partner was excited to get the little “cowboys” out in the boat.
They lucked out and had pretty good fishing and the “cowboys” were able to net quite a few fish!
• • •
Thanks for those who showed up to our work bee at the Sales Barn last week. Our first sale of the fall is Aug. 25 and we are planning to have another work bee one evening the week of our sale.
If you have any questions about the sale, please get in touch with Philip Krahn our sales barn manager. Call him at 852-4384 or (218) 434-0870.
• • •
I have to move into “Fair Mode!”
Cattle still need to be clipped and I should be getting a few things made for the exhibit hall.
Next week is the week of dragging and hauling! I still have a heifer that isn’t cooperating all that well so she will maybe be staying home, we will see!
The 4-H kids are putting their finishing touches on their animals as well.
The kids are also expected to work a shift in the 4-H food booth.
Our membership numbers are down so if there is anyone out there that would like to work a shift please get in touch with Chantelle Bragg at 275-6877 or 487-1689.
Everyone is welcome and high school students can use this for their community hours as well.