Lots of stories from 50th anniversary trip

Last Friday was my mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary! I’d say a big accomplishment. For Christmas and their anniversary, we bought them a trip to Nashville as it was something we thought they both would enjoy.
While there they attended a game between the Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators. Winnipeg won even without one of their favourite players: “Buff!” They even were wished “Happy Anniversary” on the jumbotron.
A good friend to our family, Sheldon, who is a huge country music fan, has connections in Nashville. My parents were attending the Grand Ole Opry on Friday night and our friend was able to tell Jeannie Seely the story that my parents were attending from Emo, Ont., Canada and celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
So on her last song of the night, she dedicated it to my mom and dad and they were completely shocked! It was great because we all were listening in over the radio at home and we heard it, as well!
The kindness didn’t stop there. On Saturday, they were treated like royalty as they toured the Country Music Hall of Fame and Studio B. We now have the file saved of this dedication for a treasure to keep for many years.
A big thank you to Sheldon for adding so much to their trip!
They are home now with lots of stories to tell. We are having a celebration for my mom and dad on Saturday, Feb. 9 beginning at 1 p.m. at my house so feel free to join us!
• • •
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association had a very successful annual general meeting earlier this month, with more than 70 people attending. We were so impressed!
Rick Wright attended and gave a very informative presentation on “Just what are the buyers looking for?”
Rick is very familiar with our sales barn and cattle since he’s been auctioning for us for a number of years now. His tips were valuable because of the first-hand experience he has with our cattle.
It was very interesting to hear the different traits that are sought after between our western and eastern buyers. Rick, himself, had purchased many cattle through our barn and had some great photos of these cattle out on grass and in feedlots.
Thanks to those of you who attending on a cold night and a long meeting! Thank also to Neilson Cattle Company (Mike and Joanne Neilson) for sponsoring our coffee break.
They are formerly of Stratton but now live in Willowbrook, Sask. They also have an annual bull sale (March 18) and are appreciative of all the Rainy River customers they have.
As well, RRCA is very thankful to have Kristine and Shirley who attend every year and organize our coffee break. These girls are a huge asset to our community.
Our elections went well and we have a new board member this year, Neil Haw, and we are happy to have him! We will elect our chair and vice-chair at our first regular meeting.
We are looking forward to a successful 2019!
• • •
My calves our due on Feb. 15 but I have moved my cows home as of Sunday. I always think I will be brave and leave them out of the yard as long as possible but with this frigid weather, I thought I would get them home.
Windbreaks are in place and they seem to be pretty content being home!