Lots of slush means poor ice conditions

Last week’s rain certainly knocked the snow down in a hurry and I was shocked at how much water was lying under the snow.
The cows were happy because they didn’t have to make the long walk home to get a drink.
On the trapline, though, the rain deepened the slush, which means my travelling across the ice will be out for a while (I don’t enjoy slush at all).
To me, it seems like there is nothing solid below.
Trapping has been very slow, as well. But we have heard they are having a remarkable year further north near Red Lake and surrounding areas.
• • •
The girls arrived home safely and nicely-tanned from their two weeks in Florida. We certainly missed them and found it a long two weeks.
They enjoyed every minute of their trip but seemed happy to return home, as well.
“Roxee” was very glad to see her little friends again and luckily they had a day off of school on Friday, so they were able to spend it in the country!
• • •
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association will host its annual meeting next Thursday (Jan. 24) at Our Lady of the Way School in Stratton.
One of major topics will be possibly using the Internet to sell cattle at our sales. We would like to discuss this with our membership to gauge if there is enough interest and also what people are willing to pay to have this service.
We were very pleased with the benefit it provided at the pilot project sale last fall. We saw 10-15 cents higher prices for the cattle that were bid on and purchased online.
It wasn’t just the cattle that sold this way but that second bidder is very important, as well.
OCA vice-president Bob Gordanier also will be attending the meeting, along with northern beef specialist Barry Potter. Local committees also will give brief updates.
We hope to see everyone at our meeting and look forward to another successful year.