Lots of crops ready to harvest

It certainly looks like we will have some combining to do in the month of July as the barley is ripening quickly.
We will hold off harvesting anything, though, until after our open house next Thursday evening (July 26).
It looks as though the second cut of the alfalfa will be ready after that, as well.
I have been monitoring the soybeans to watch for insects since they are having some troubles in other parts of our province, but at this point they seem to be quite clean.
There actually is an app you can download to your smartphone that allows you to count the number of aphids you see on your soybean plants, which will let you know if it warrants spraying!
I just can’t believe how much our little hand-held phones are capable of!
• • •
All my hay is cut at home–lying waiting for a nice dry day to bale. I jinxed myself by thinking I would be finished over the weekend.
The weather looks good again for the week but, of course, I am out of town for a cattlemen’s meeting.
• • •
I finally moved my cows around again and have everyone where they should be for the rest of the grazing period.
Alas, things didn’t go according to my plans since I had to leave cows home because of their foot problems.
As I was returning home from taking another load over to Blackhawk, I realized a cow/calf pair was one I should have considered taking to the Emo Fair (I may end up having to go and retrieve her).
Since I don’t have many heifer calves this year, I might have to take a steer calf! I tend to try and take a cow/calf pair, but usually aim to take a cow that already is trained since that makes your life much easier!
I easily could just take a year off but when I hear Maddie and Marlee talking about taking their animals to the fair, I know that I won’t be doing that!
• • •
Hooray for my Li’l Rox! She passed her obedience exam!
We have been teaching Maddie and Marlee some of the basic commands and she is listening to them quite well.
She has been a pretty good puppy, other than she’s ruined numerous pairs of my flip-flops! The plastic strap is far too tempting.