Lots keeping me busy around my place

With Friday being a P.D. Day, I decided to book off from work and prepare for sheep shearing as well as spend the day with Maddie and Marlee.
When I booked it off, I didn’t realize I would be nursing two bunnies and bottle-feeding a few lambs. My mom has been taking care of the lambs but they were off to a country music show.
They had a little lamb living in the house so she was sad they were away. My dad was sure they could take her along but I told him I was pretty sure they would have to leave her at the border.
The lamb now thinks she is a dog and once her diaper is on, she quickly finds the dog bed at my house. The other lambs also are from a set of triplets but still are nursing their moms so we are just giving them a bottle twice a day to help supplement.
Now that everyone is sheared and out on grass, I’m hoping they will all get a bit more to eat.
Unfortunately, our lamb with a broken leg didn’t have a good week, but we also had started to supplement him with some milk and Marlee was pleased Friday with how well he ate.
But on Saturday morning, he wasn’t himself at all and he died. Marlee hasn’t had a good season–it was heifer calf that passed away when we were vaccinating, it was her bunny that died, and now one of her lambs!
My little bunnies are still living and growing. Their eyes are open now so I’m hoping that this week they might start looking for other food besides just me and the eye dropper.
Our alpacas now look like Standard Poodles. I didn’t realize why they left wool around their faces, legs, and tails but it’s because of the bugs. Their necks look skinny but they seem very happy with their new look.
Our guy that did the shearing did a great job and it sounds like he is interested in coming back next year! He had a long, busy day.
• • •
Just a reminder that we are planning a work-bee at the Stratton sales barn this Saturday (June 16). If you can join us, please meet at the sales barn between 8:30 and 9 a.m. and bring along some tools.
We have made a list of tasks to be completed and lunch will be provided.
We are looking for way to make the barn more efficient. We are open and welcome to suggestions if you are willing to share. Feeding takes a lot of labour and with minimum wage increasing, we need to find a way to make things more efficient or we will be hosting sales with little or no income.
We need income to keep the barn open so please let us know if you have any suggestions!
• • •
Our second planting of hops at the Emo Agricultural Research Station should be completed this week and we are planning to start cutting our forage blocks.
If nothing else, this should make it rain. We still are in pretty good shape here for moisture but others are telling me that they need a shower.
It is a tough call–I don’t like wishing for rain in Rainy River District!