Looking forward to grass

I spent the Family Day holiday expanding my family as calves are coming. Alas, winter still is very much here with this blowing snow that we really do not need.
I know we shouldn’t complain. It has warmed up—but it doesn’t need to snow every time it does.
I think there is one thing that we all seem to agree on: we are all looking forward to green grass!
• • •
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association held its first board meeting since its annual meeting, with Murray McDonald continuing on as president and Bud McQuaker as vice-president.
We are very pleased that James Gibson is our new sales barn manager. We are very pleased that James decided to take on this role and we feel he will be a great match for this position.
He can be reached at 487-2731.
Our sale dates for 2014 are April 26, Sept. 6, Oct. 4, and Oct. 25.
We will keep things up to date on our new website (www.rainyrivercattlemensassociation.com), as well on our Facebook page (“Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association”).
If you have any suggestions or comments for our upcoming year, get in touch with us. Other board members include Joe Sletmoen, Keith Caul, Micha Gerber, Allan Teeple, Clayton Teeple, Scott McNabb, Corrie Govier, Delton Martin, and myself.
• • •
The girls are having a busy winter with hockey and certainly are showing great signs of improvements. Maddie has decided she would like to be the goalie while Marlee just wants to be fast and score goals.
We are happy that they are enjoying the Olympics, and are hoping they will pick up some pointers from our awesome Canadian athletes.
• • •
Our local “Food for All” committee met the other day and decided we need to either work on a project or fold.
It’s difficult for a committee to do much with no funds, but we decided we would like to promote the food box program.
It seems there is one big misunderstanding about the food box—that it is only for low-income families. Well, the program is for everyone!
It’s almost like Christmas once a month when it arrives. And since they include recipe suggestions, it is easy to make use of everything in the box.
If you think the box is too big for you, there is an option to order a half-box or, better yet, split it with your friend or neighbour.
Organizers try their best to fill it with as much local food as possible. They know it isn’t always easy at this time of the year, but they make their best effort to supply it with the closest source possible.
To order a food box, you must pay by the first Thursday of each month at the Northwestern Health Unit office and it is ready on the third Thursday.
Consider it—I don’t think you will be disappointed.
• • •
The Rainy River Regional Abattoir Committee has been holding a few extra meetings to brainstorm possible ways to increase revenue.
It’s hard work but we certainly don’t want to lose our abattoir. It’s very positive knowing that we increased flow through the abattoir by 36 percent last year but we need to continue this growth.
Stay tuned for a general meeting soon. We need to talk with our members and users to see what direction we can—or should—consider.