Local food is gaining popularity

June 1st has arrived and today is my boyfriends / partners 60th birthday! We are not planning a big party and it is a good thing since we are still not allowed more than five people to gather! He is pretty busy with his garage so maybe once it is finished, we can celebrate his birthday and retirement all together.
I had made a note in my Daytimer to talk about Local Food this week in my column. It seems fitting as June 1 to June 7 is Local Food Week in Ontario. One of the things we have noticed is that there has been a huge increase in people trying to source local meat. It is great! Just a reminder that we may have to grow / raise our animals before they are ready to butcher. I think that it may look like we can just go and pull something out of the field and turn it into prime rib but that isn’t the case. We are happy none the less to feed friends and neighbours and we really hope that the interest will stick around long after COVID-19 is behind us! I really enjoyed a comment the other day I received from a friend – “I just said to my wife – from now on we are not eating anything that isn’t from local sources!” That made my entire week! Thank you for supporting all local businesses – now more than ever we need to look after each other!!!
Thank you for all the comments from the picture that made the front page of the “big paper” last week. I want to be clear that Ella Evans was behind the lens for that one. I was busy so the girls were doing a photo shoot with all the animals. They ended up with some very impressive pictures.
On Saturday night we celebrated my oldest niece’s 14th birthday! Her request was homemade macaroni and cheese and coconut tarts! Happy Birthday Maddie! Grade 9 this fall. Time sure ticks away.
After our birthday supper we decided to tackle vaccinating our sheep, goats and alpaca. Marlee and I were able to get them in and we started off with the alpaca. We have a mini handling facility for our sheep / goats, and it makes a huge difference in handling them. They are still locked in their winter yard since our sheep shearing friend is coming this Saturday! The sheep will be very happy not only to get rid of their winter coat, but we will turn them out to grass after that is finished! The goats didn’t feel that great on Sunday, so we are assuming the dewormer was maybe a bit hard on them. They have perked up already.
Marlee has been counting down the days for her new ducks! They arrived this past Tuesday. The minimum order was 4 so the deal was that she would take 4 and wait until they were older (to determine gender) and 2 would go to our friend James! She is worried that James might be sad because she is unsure if she is going to be able to part with them now. They are living their best lives in the house right now and are entertaining everyone when they get their designated swimming exercise three times a day.
My house bunny, Black Bettie also celebrated her 2nd birthday on Sunday! She is unsure if she wants to live outside. She doesn’t really know that she is a rabbit so seeing our outdoor rabbits isn’t a big deal to her and she enjoys the AC in the house and there are no bugs so I can’t really blame her!