Local engagement makes cattle industry one of best in province

It seems that we either have -35 or snow these days. Neither of which most of us enjoy. I have my hopes up that once we get through this cold snap it will be clear sailing to spring. The best part of the -35 days is the sunshine, provided there is no wind. I will be moving my cows home next week sometime to get them all in the groove for calving. My barn cameras are back up and running so that has taken a bit of stress out of my thoughts. Now I am having some computer issues. If you can avoid putting OneDrive on your computer, I would strongly suggest that. I don’t want it, but it seems to find away to creep into my files every few days. It ruins my day and wastes my time.

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s successfully head their AGM over Zoom on Thursday night. I was happy that we had approximately 30 people participate. We even managed to run elections and voting online. Jeff Teeple, Pam Wilson, and Tim Petermann are three new directors joining the board. Our Sales Barn project will be completed by the end of March, so we are looking forward to working on other pertinent issues. Thank you to all who attended and offered to run for the board. It is a positive thing when we must run elections to fill positions. I participated in eight other Cattlemen Annual Meetings across the province, and we really run a tight ship. Many of the others didn’t have quorum and were just keeping up with their same board because they haven’t been active through Covid. One bonus about Zoom, I was able to login to these meetings from the comfort of my office.

The Rainy River District 4-H Leaders Association held their AGM last week with Zoom as well. There were some slight board changes as well. Our funds have dwindled quite low for us because we haven’t been able to run our 4-H Food Booth for the last two years. We have high hopes for this year and are in the early stages of planning a new food booth! We are not sure what exactly we are going to build but the talks have started, and funding is being sourced. We really want to be able to keep on serving those wonderful fries! Our building sticks out like a sore thumb now with all the other upgrades the Fair Board has completed on their site.

If you are interested in listening into some great speakers from the comfort of your own office – you should consider signing up with the Beef Symposium that will take place Thursday January 27 from 6 pm to 8 pm and again on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. Just google 2022 Virtual Beef Symposium and you can sign up for FREE. As well, you may be interested in viewing the Beef Farmers of Ontario Virtual AGM. They have two great speakers lined up; Michelle Payne will be presenting on “Taking food Bullying by the horns” and the one I am excited to listen to is Kaleb Dahlgren, “Words to live by.” Again, these are free if you would like to join in on February 23 or 24.