Living life with one hand

Well, I am double stressed out now with not being able to do nearly as much with one hand. I am sure my mom and Clayton are counting the days until my arm is somewhat more normal. My mom hauled me off to my Dr. appt Tuesday in Thunder Bay. I knew that I had excellent care the night it happened here in Fort Frances but it hit me even more how great it was after my appt. in Thunder Bay. I have nothing but great things to say about the excellent care I had in Fort Frances. It wasn’t horrible in Thunder Bay but it really reminded me of “Care Close to Home!” I am sporting a new, less comfortable cast for at least three weeks and I will see the surgeon again. He said in 12 weeks I will be back to normal. And yes, I have those dates marked very clearly in my daytimer.

I am off to Ottawa this week and I am less than excited. We have crammed our summer’s work into this last month and it is wearing on all of us. I had to do a dress rehearsal of all my clothes to be sure I’d be able to get them all on. One hand doing up buttons and bras is less than desirable. Not sure my fellow BFO board members are prepared to dress me.

Though I should not have taken the day off work, my mom and I ventured off to the to watch the Dryden Fair cattle show on Friday. We had some local people participating but I was also excited to go and watch the Debney kids. Levi purchased two heifers from me last fall and he was showing one at the fair. He did a great job of growing and showing his heifer. I was very proud of both. He gave me thumbs up a couple of times in the ring and text me after I got home to say he loved her so that just made my day!

Our 4-H steers were all processed at the abattoir last week. They all graded well so if you were lucky enough to purchase a steer you should be very pleased with your product. Congratulations to Lauryn Marchant who took the top carcass award. She had a beautiful Hereford steer from the Bujold Farm. Aaron who did great at our Emo Show also did great in Dryden. I am so happy for him! It is his passion, and he works very hard preparing. Tayah Badiuk who was showing a Bujold Heifer took Grand Champion female and we were so excited for her!

I lost another summer student last week. Kennah LeBlanc finished up on Friday. She is off to her first year at Lakehead. I will miss her. I am hoping she will be back next summer! It is just me and Bradley now. We have a fair bit of work ahead of us and I am counting on my arm allowing me to do a bit more as well! Our Spring Barley should be ready to go late this week. If I am lucky, I might be able to get some help from Marlee before school starts!