Latest start for cereal seeding

I started working at the agricultural research station in Emo as a student back in 1987—a crazy long time ago!
But since I started, I’ve never been this late at seeding the cereal performance trials. And it is starting to get to me.
I realize we have no control of the weather but of all years for this to happen! We are expecting some officials from the University of Guelph this year and we need the place to be in tip-top shape!
Things were getting close last week, but we just needed that sun to be a bit warmer so it would dry a little deeper than the top layer of soil.
I did notice some fertilizer spreaders moving, so at least some of the district farms are getting to apply fertilizer to their hay and pasture land.
I was fully expecting to head into work for at least a few hours over the weekend. But when I had to go back into the house for coveralls and a toque because I was cold and the snowflakes were falling, that quickly left my agenda.
Oh well, it was nice to tackle a few more jobs at home anyway.
• • •
I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with some great people Saturday night to celebrate Trudy Loveday’s 60th birthday.
Trudy and Charlie just built a beautiful house along the Rainy River, so we doubled up and had a house-warming party, too.
Trudy is such a delight to be around, Despite the cold evening, she and Charlie’s hospitality warmed us all up!
• • •
I sure hope everyone took the time to celebrate with their mothers if they were able to on Sunday. We celebrated at home this year—and I even cooked (anyone who knows me knows I’d rather be in the barn than in the kitchen!)
My mom loves shrimp so we had a shrimp feast!
Shane and I are so lucky to have a mother who has done so much for us—and still drops everything for us if we need her!
Thankfully, she is still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy being a grandma even more than being a mother (at least, that is what Shane and I think!)
• • •
The Rainy River Stewardship Council trees should be arriving at some point this week.
I will call everyone on the list once the trees are in Emo!
• • •
I will be taking some of our lambs to the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market in Fort Frances this Saturday (May 18), so be sure to bring your kids down!
They will be there to pet—not for meat.
I also plan to bring along some white spruce and red pine tree seedlings. The trees are in bundles of 20 and we sell them for $5 per bundle.
• • •
Marlee is turning five this week—and all she wanted me to buy her was a medium-sized camouflage four-wheeler (I haven’t found one yet).
Happy birthday to Mar Mar!