Lambs have arrived

It is starting to green up nicely and you can see some green leaves popping out.
The weather was nice over the weekend and it really has started to dry up!
I was hoping to get over my lawn, but my boyfriend/partner is working on my lawnmower, so it is out of commission for a few more days.
• • •
All our lambs have arrived, but we were disappointed to have to pull so many of them.
Thankfully for my vet cousin and a good neighbour, we didn’t lose any of them–but we had some tough pulls!
We are bottling four but that is going well so far. We are keeping them on a strict bottle schedule since they tend to bloat when they are on a bottle.
They are all females so at least they will have an option of sticking around if they turn out well.
My mom came over on Saturday and we cleaned up the entire barn.
The last three ewes are still in the barn, but they will likely make their way back outside by the end of this week.
We had some special guests on Sunday over to see the lambs.
It is always nice to share their cuteness with others and, of course, Black Bettie. Bettie is still in the house, but I am thinking since it is
feeling more like summer that she should join the other rabbits outside soon.
• • •
I am in the process of searching for a new kitty.
I have been rejected by a few places because they didn’t feel their cats should live on a farm.
I realize they are looking out for the animals, but my last cat was nearly 18 years old, I think she had a pretty good life.
My mom is stressing out because she thinks she is seeing too many mice in the barn, so she is putting the pressure on.
I only need one cat. It must be spayed or neutered and it must like dogs and bunnies! (That could be the challenge!)
• • •
If you have been past the research station you will see that we were successful in planting last week.
By no means are we completed but we had a great start!
We have made an executive decision to not even to try plant where our major tile issues are.
It needs to be fixed and it is a wasted effort to even try get results from those areas.
We will be putting up strings again soon for our hops. They have popped out of the ground nicely.
I am really excited because there is another yard being established in the district! Exciting times!
We will be making Rainy River Raised Beer soon I am sure.
• • •
My boyfriend/partner is having surgery this week on his foot.
He cut it badly as a teenager and it wanting it fixed up before he retires.
He is going to have 12 weeks off downtime. I think it is going to seen like forever to him, but it will be worth it if he is in less pain for sure.
He and Roxee will be taking it easy.
• • •
My youngest niece turns 11 on Wednesday!
It sounds like we are having a farm birthday party this weekend.
I am not sure what she wants to do but I am pretty sure a fun activity will be bottling some lambs . . .