Keeping my fingers crossed

Well, my prediction that the end of calving sometimes is a bit of challenge has proved true.
A great big ole’ cow that is quiet like a dog and has been acting strange, truthfully, for the last couple of years, calved early Sunday morning.
She has been lying out in the deep snow since I brought the cows in the yard and did the same thing last year. She calved, but acted like nothing had happened.
Once we got her in the barn she seemed to be very out of it.
She has always been quite a quiet, gentle mother but this was strange.
She didn’t seem to be able to see the calf. While I was standing watching her, she turned very slowly and stepped right on the poor little thing.
Now I was sick to my stomach—I never imagined her doing anything like that and I was standing there watching!
I decided to tie her up and check to see if perhaps there was another calf.
I reached in as far as I could—nothing. As soon as I did that though, she started to mother her calf. But there was another problem—she had very little milk. This was also not normal for her.
I was still worried that possibly the calf wasn’t going to not make it neither since he was stepped on. I waited while she still licked him up and decided to give him a bottle. He was hungry and drank everything I had.
I was off to Cornells’ to finish up our last round of clipping bulls. Upon my return I could see the cow was feeling terrible and hadn’t touched any food since I left.
I also noticed that she had a bit of a prolapse happening, also strange since she calved 12 hours earlier.
Luckily, I have good friends—and a vet cousin—and we stitched up the cow just to be safe. (This is always a reminder of why I didn’t have my own kids.)
I also questioned that she might have Hardware Disease but I needed to put a magnet in her. If she ate a nail or something the magnet would draw the object to it.
I was off to Emo bright and early to get all that I needed at Emo Feed.
Treated everyone and now crossing my fingers everyone is going to pull through.
I still managed to make my Vet Committee and Riverside Foundation meeting but I will be honest—I am beat!