Just starting to feel better

I finally started to feel a bit better on Monday. I vacuumed and even though I feel like I ran a marathon, I got rid of a lot of dog hair.
I’m getting further behind that I planned for 2016 but I’m not going to complain because at least my cows are not calving! There is no way I would be doing that without help.
I hope that I’m mostly healthy by the time that happens.
I don’t wish this on anyone; it has been dreadful. “Roxee” is thinking that I am the most boring person she knows and she leaves the room now when I get into a coughing spell.
• • •
The cold weather arrived like we expected it would. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to battle frozen water through this episode of mine and other than one tap in the barn, things have been good—thankfully.
I still have my cows in the bush, and I need to get my old calendar out and start checking dates for when to expect the first calf.
I will be moving them into the yard before the end of the month but right now they are happy and comfortable in the bush.
I was quite enjoying the walk to check on them until this, and again I feel like I am walking to Emo and back. I am fortunate that my mom, dad, and boyfriend/partner will help when they are available, as well.
My problem is I feel better about seeing them with my own eyes (yes, it’s probably a control thing).
• • •
I had plans to attend the Northwestern Ontario Forum for Food, Farms & Tourism in Thunder Bay this week but I had to cancel due to my illness.
I’m disappointed but hoping they will share the info with us.
I was looking forward to attending since again I wasn’t calving and able to leave for a night.
• • •
A reminder the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association will hold its annual meeting tomorrow (Jan. 21) at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of the Way School in Stratton.
I’m hoping we will have a good turnout for our night of updates and future plans.
Yes, we are looking for a few new board members but please don’t stay home because of this. Everyone is able to say “yes” or “no” when nominated. Staying home because you don’t want to go on the board is a lame excuse.
We want people to attend and share with us what you would like us to be working on or planning for. We are a community group that is working for our members and only are as successful as what you set out for us!
• • •
The RRCA also is hosting the beef symposium this Saturday (Jan. 23) beginning at 8 a.m. at the Emo Inn.
We are joining up with the University of Guelph, and we will be participating and listening in on a wonderful agenda—including Temple Grandin!
Most of us never will have a chance to hear Temple speak and how lucky we are to be able to do this right in Emo!
Another thing the RRCA is working on for yet this winter is having grazing expert Steve Kenyon come and do a weekend workshop! We are quite excited about this, as well, and are very fortunate that we have partnered with NOFIA to bring this here to Rainy River District.
So, you may think that the RRCA only worries about cattle sales but, in fact, we feel there are many other areas we can support the provide for the people in our district.