June always a busy month for meetings

June has been a very busy month with meetings most every night (it seems we try to cram all our meetings in this month before we get busy with haying!)
I was planning to attend the RRFDC annual meeting in Emo, but it just so happened we had no power that night and I wasn’t able to shower. There are certain meetings where it isn’t appropriate to go smelling like a cow!
I was happy to hear Deb Cornell and Jim Belluz joined the RRFDC board.
That same evening, Kim Churchill performed at Cornell Farms and it was a huge hit. I understand that two videos have been posted on YouTube from that very concert (if you go to the Cornell Farms website, the link will be posted there).
• • •
We have started our first cut of hay at the Emo Agricultural Research Station (EARS). We normally can finish this task quite quickly but with the weather being a bit unstable this past while, we still have a fair bit ahead of us.
We are hoping to finish that up this week.
We already are seeing some barley in head, so it looks to be an early harvest this year!
We have booked our annual open house for Thursday, July 26.
• • •
The JK and SK classes from J.W. Walker School in Fort Frances came for a farm visit last week.
Maddie seemed pleased to show off her country life to her classmates (she really is growing up since before she wasn’t too keen on sharing her farm animals).
It was a decent day, though a bit cooler than the Fort Frances Nursery School visit, but it seemed as though everyone had a good time.
My mom makes dozens of cookies for the kids, so her job is harder than mine getting the animals gathered!
• • •
Some of you may remember me writing about my “Phoebe” that always nested in the goose neck of my trailer.
Well, she finally found a much safer place to nest–the porch of the girls’ playhouse.
Fortunately, she survived the class visit the other day and her first batch of birds has flown the coop.
• • •
Obedience class was cancelled last week due to the weather. It was re-scheduled for Thursday and the weather didn’t co-operate that evening, either.
I already was booked Thursday night with a meeting, but I had talked my boyfriend/partner into taking “Roxee.” He and her went and practised for a while anyway.
• • •
I was spent Saturday morning at Clover Valley Farmers’ Market selling Canada Day Cash Lottery tickets for the Riverside Foundation for Health Care.
It was a great to see so many people supporting the farmers’ market. If you haven’t been there, be sure and put in on your list to do!
Never mind all the great products, their lunch counter features a wonderful menu with a great opportunity to taste some of our local products. I was surprised, myself, to see all that they had available.
And remember to purchase your Canada Day Cash Lottery ticket–Canada Day is fast-approaching and it’s your chance to win $10,000 while supporting our local hospitals.
They only sell 2,500 tickets!
• • •
After finishing up at the farmers’ market, I packed up Maddie and Marlee and took them up to my boyfriend/partner’s cabin. We were lucky the rain stopped for us to cross the lake.
We didn’t do any fishing but we did lots of exploring. Some of the highlights were picking strawberries and watching a duck swim around with her babies on her back.
Marlee was thrilled when she stumbled across a beaver skull and immediately said, “Look what I will be able to give Daddy for Father’s Day!”
He proudly will be able to display his beaver teeth with his deer antlers now!
We ended our weekend by celebrating Father’s Day at Lecuyer’s Resort with a wonderful meal and great hospitality!
I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day!