It’s time for me to unload some stuff

I finally got through my entire house and cleaned up a pile of dust–all the while realizing I really need to unload some stuff!
I have stuff packed away all over the place and this means I am not using it! So I think it is time for a garage sale.
The trouble is, I have so many special things that people have giving me over my years that it’s hard to part with some of this stuff. I live in a fairly big house, and mostly alone, but I have every closet full and most of the basement. Crazy!
So when I say, “I really need nothing for Christmas,” it is really the truth!
I replaced the stove I broke and it was only a few hours later that the fridge doesn’t seem to be working. Needless to say, I’m not very pleased about that.
We’ve made some adjustments so we are hoping it will pick up the pace a bit.
• • •
For the first time in many years, I was not expecting a house full of people on Christmas Day. I have mixed feelings about it. I enjoy having everyone over but this year, we planned to head into Fort Frances to my Uncle Jimmy’s.
I keep thinking, “I cleaned my house for this,” but like my friend, June, told me: “Well, now you’ve got your spring cleaning done!”
We went to Stratton to see my boyfriend/partner’s family on Christmas Eve. Then on Boxing Day, we always visit my Auntie Carol and then it’s off to the Zimmermans.
And though I see these people frequently, it is a different kind of a visit at this time of year! We don’t have to rush and we eat too much, but we only do this once a year (ha-ha)!
• • •
Even though it’s Christmas, chores do continue on. The calves will be looking for their grain, along with the sheep and alpaca. Water will be carried and the hay must be plentiful.
It is just another day for the livestock but they have full trust that you will be there to care for them no matter the day.
“Roxee” and “Black Bettie” will have some treats under the tree–even though “Black Bettie” thinks the tree is a treat already!
• • •
Don’t forget to get your “Catch the Ace” tickets this week as the progressive jackpot is estimated to be $16,500.
Holly Witherspoon won the weekly prize back-to-back, which amounted to $960 last week. Talk about a lucky lady!
This week’s draw will be held tomorrow (Dec. 28) at 6 p.m. at Rainy River Meats!
• • •
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed some time–whether it was quiet or not–just to appreciate all that we have!