Internet cattle sale was exciting

We sold 1,735 animals at the Stratton sales barn this past Saturday. It was a long sale and unfortunately we had a few mishaps.
Speedy recovery wishes to Kylie Nordin, Angel Nixon, and Alisha Caul.
The Internet sale was quite exciting and we sold cattle online! Of course, we appreciate all our buyers but it added some excitement to the sale, as well.
This was a pilot project sponsored by the OCA and the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association was lucky to have been chosen to run this service at our site.
Since a major cull cow plant has been temporarily closed in Alberta, our cows that were age-verified brought as much as 10 cents/pound more than non-age verified cows.
The age-verified cows can be exported and that paperwork is a real bonus. I certainly will do this for our producers, but just a reminder to have it to me a week or so before the sale so that I can ensure it is done!
As well, we saw interest and a slight premium in our protocol cattle.
• • •
For those of you who participated in the Rainy River Hereford Association’s fall cattle tour, we have the official weight of our “Guess the Weight Bull!”
Kim drove his large Red Angus bull down to the Stratton sales barn to get its official weight and it tipped the scales at 2,720 pounds!
The lucky winners were Wayne Meyers and Bennet Krahn, who both guessed 2,715 pounds.
• • •
Thank you for all the birthday wishes and kind words I’ve received. It is nice that so many people remember me and take the time to tell me such nice things.
I guess my mom and dad deserve a pat on the back since they must have brought me up right (I’m sure at times they wondered, though!)
Another thing. My friend, Tom Morrish, once told me it is certainly nice to hear the kind words while you are still living and not just when you are gone.
Remember that–you just might make someone’s day.
• • •
Wow! How about this weather? I certainly hope everyone has been able to enjoy it since it is sounding like it’s nearing the end of it! I haven’t been able to plough since my ground is like cement but I think it will change if the weather forecast is right.