In need of a self-help group

Well, I find comfort that March has arrived!
I know it can be a miserable month for weather but at least it should be our last one of the winter.
The sun is shining brightly when we see it and the days slowly are getting longer.
• • •
I’m officially tired as I had a busy week with calves and little sleep. For some reason, no matter how tired I am, I can’t seem to sleep during the day.
It’s likely because I don’t disconnect well and I have other work to do, so guilt sets in.
I officially have diagnosed myself as a worrier. I need to find a “Cow Worrier Self-Help Group!”
When I’m in the house, I’m constantly thinking about all the things that could be going on wrong outside. These are my mains areas of worry: Is a cow on her back? Is a calf laying where a cow will lay on it.
Is that twin calf sucking his mother or just stealing from all the heifers? Am I going to have a scour problem like last year?
These are the things that keep me awake.
And as my friend pointed out to me, I like to do things well. I don’t like having a problems or needing help.
This past week, I had a cow have twins. The first one came fine, as did the second one. But the cow didn’t get up right away and I had a dead calf as it suffocated in the birth sack.
So I was mad at myself and the cow.
Then the first calf started to go downhill. He ended up in the house and I thought I had him back on the right path, but he died sometime between 4:30 and 7 a.m. Sunday.
I’m thinking that he didn’t get enough colostrum and ended up with scours or something.
Two years ago, the cow had one quarter with mastitis and I’m now wondering if there was a problem with her milk?
I milked her but I guess I can’t tell everything from that.
Anyway, dead is dead and at least I am not wondering what I need to do next. As for the cow, she is on the bus—no sense in keeping her another year only to end up with the same mess.
Besides I could use the money to put towards a new bull purchase.
Despite all that, things are going well and it likely sounds a lot worse than it actually is. I do know things could be worse, and we can’t save all the calves or be there at all the right times.
I am down to 12 more to come and my heifer-to-bull ratio is way out of whack. But it might be the year to pick out replacement heifers!
• • •
It is no surprise that this is a slower time of the year for the Rainy River Regional Abattoir.
As such, we are looking to sell a few more debentures to help get us through this time. The debentures are $500 loans that are repaid to you with two percent simple interest.
If you are interested, get in touch with me or Bill Darby.