I’m still griping about the weather

Another week has arrived and I’m still complaining about the weather!
The poor calves barely can get around in the snow, and the snowbanks are so high I barely can see the cattle in the barn yard!
Someone reminded me that March can be a very snowy month—what a lovely thought!
Last year in March, we already were dry. But I sure can’t see that happening this year.
• • •
Two weeks into calving and I’ve made it to the halfway mark. I wish I could tell you that I will be done in two more weeks, but I know that isn’t going to happen.
Some of the cows that I artificially inseminated are not going to calve until mid-March.
My aunt and uncle surprised me with a new barn camera system, and we spent a good part of last Friday installing it. So far, so good (I’m now able to watch four pens at a time).
I also can connect the new system to my wifi and I can check cows anywhere wifi is available.
• • •
Calving keeps me at home and I missed out on two meetings last week. It’s not that you have to be at home every minute, but sometimes by the time you shower and get ready, it’s almost time to check on things again.
And as you get tired from the lack of sleep, it sure seems like a lot of work getting ready to go somewhere.
I did venture out to Emo last week as I needed grain for my yearlings and paid a visit to Cloverleaf. It was nice that the deli girls were so glad to see me, and told me that they had been talking that very same day that they noticed I hadn’t been in the store for a while!
Oh, I love small towns and the little things that can just make your day!
• • •
I certainly hope everyone enjoyed their day off for Family Day—even though you most likely spent it shovelling snow!