Hottest May since ’07

I updated my weather information, and it looks like we have had our hottest May since 2007. We have only seen this amount of heat in May four times since 2000. This is based off my Corn Heat Unit data. The rain amount was slightly below normal, but it all came in just a couple of storms. It has certainly been very variable across the District and some areas are still looking for a bit of moisture. I hope the recent moisture has helped with the forest fire threat but with all the lightning, I was thinking it may have started a few. I missed some rain at home, but I went from feeding grain in flip-flops back to rubber boots.

Saturday morning, I decided we should vaccinate, deworm, and hoof trim our sheep, goats, and alpaca. I thought I was going to pass out I was so hot. We have a handling system for these little animals but if they decided they are not moving, they don’t, so I ended up manhandling most of them. I wasn’t impressed. We borrowed the tilt table to do their feet, but the ram decided he couldn’t fit in, so I was only able to do half his feet. At that point I didn’t care much either. It is finished and as soon as they are sheared this Saturday, they will be able to head to grass. Sunday night we ripped the corral apart and rebuilt it with some stronger material. The little animals look for any hole they might be able to get through, so we hope we have it all fixed up once again.

I let my biggest group of cows out to pasture on Friday night. I went and looked for them last night as I had not seen or heard from them at all. I think they were so happy to go that they are afraid if they see me that I will make them come back home. The other group must wait until the end of breeding. If it dried up again, I would let them graze the field at my house. I know they are tired of hay, but the best is yet to come for them. My oldest cow (she is 15) is in with the butcher animals and she is happy when the grain is out, but she noticed that the big group of cows are off to pasture and that makes her very angry. She is quite vocal about it. She moved too slow to keep up with the group so her and her calf are going to live a life close to home.

After my near heat stroke with my sheep on Saturday morning I cut some grass and headed off to watch the grand march! My oldest niece who also celebrated her 17th birthday last week, attended prom. What a bunch of beautiful people! I did feel for them with the heat, but everyone looked so great.

June 5th to the 11th is Local Food Week!! You can find local food across our great District so take some time to source local and you will taste the difference! Just a reminder that even in the heat, the cold, holidays, or when a farmer is sick — they are still producing local food for everyone to enjoy!