Hoping for sun to return

Well, I’m hoping the sun will return again! I think we all enjoyed it much more than these dark wet days.
We have surpassed normal rainfall amounts for September so I’m hoping that means October will be drier. I certainly need the sunshine to return in order to complete our soybean harvest at the Emo Agricultural Research Station.
I understand they have been getting some hard frosts in Northeastern Ontario, but things are staying pretty darn green here and well about freezing temperatures.

My dad and I baled a few more square bales Friday night. I was so thankful for his help—we filled two wagons and then picked up three truck-loads!
My dad was the tractor driver and had three coats on because he was cold (and a fourth one in the tractor just in case!)
We had it all cleaned off Friday night so we missed the rain!
Alas, as I was taking the square baler back to my place to get it put away before the rain fell, I ended up with a flat tire. Of course, it had to be at the mine shift change and the road was busy with traffic.
At least it happened after we were finished baling!
We didn’t unload the wagons until Saturday, but they all are stored away nicely now for calving and lambing.
I’m still hoping to unroll a few straw bales and make a few more square bales of straw (my dad just rolled his eyes).

Some of my girlfriends gathered at my house Saturday evening before we ventured off to the Fort Frances Curling Club for the Riverside Foundation for Health Care’s annual gala, this year entitled “Mobsters and Dames!”
What a great night! The decorations and costumes were top-notch while the supper and entertainment was wonderful!
All the prizes, games, live and silent auctions, and penny table also were amazing. You really missed out if you didn’t make it out!
All this to support health care right here at home, with this year’s proceeds earmarked for a refresh of the Special Care Unit at Rainycrest Long-Term Care in Fort Frances.
I wasn’t lucky enough to come home with any prizes but it certainly was a nice night out!

Sunday wasn’t a day off at all. Since it was the last weekend before the cattle sale, I wanted to get weights on all my calves (it helps to make decisions on what heifers I should keep for breeding but also to see how each cow is doing).
The group of cows at home were as far away from the house as they could be and once I reached them, it poured rain and I was soaked in minutes. Fortunately, they came home easily and went right into the corral.
Meanwhile, the group of cows at Nanny’s already were in the yard. Of course, the calves didn’t go in quite as easily but they eventually did.
We hauled then all home and then took all the yearlings back to her place.
The calves weighed up nicely and now decision time starts! Since I have a new tractor (well, new to me) to pay for, I will try keep as few as possible.
I will keep the cows/calves close now for the week and then haul the calves to Stratton later this week.
As well, the lambs have been booked for the abattoir so this week is jammed pack with jobs.

As noted, the next cattle sale is set for this Saturday (Oct. 1) at the Stratton sales barn, with the start time being 9 a.m.
If you have cattle or you are looking for a job, give James a call at 487-2731 or 271-2005.
Meanwhile, we welcome visitors to come and check out our sale. We have a lunch room so if you are out for a fall drive, stop in and see what we are doing and have lunch or coffee and pie!