Hopes of spring emerging

I won’t complain about the weather this week! There is nothing like the warmth of the sun at this time of the year that brightens your hopes of spring, long days, and green grass!
I know, I know. We still have March to get through, but this feels good!
• • •
I had to venture off to our first meeting for the new board of the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association.
Murray McDonald let his name stand as president for another year and we are excited for our upcoming year, with a few new marketing options and ideas.
Delton Martin, Joe Sletmoen, and Bryan Kelly represented our district at the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association in Toronto last week, as well.
The OCA now will be known as Beef Farmers of Ontario. This is a major name change for a large provincial group.
• • •
Again this week, I was thankful for living in such a great community.
My friends over in Blackhawk lent me their truck and trailer so that my dad and boyfriend/partner could haul for me from my friend up in Alberton!
They also hauled me home a calf hut from my friend in Devlin. My friend in Devlin lost a calf so he hauled me over his heifer so that I could put one of my twins on his heifer!
I only had seen one of my twins stealing from the other mamas, so I thought he would be the best choice.
It’s early but this seems to be going well.
All these things make me stop and think about working together. At many of the meetings I attend, we talk about how much better things could be if we worked together.
And I often think when we are talking about this, that agriculture people tend to work together. No, not everyone, but there is a good crew who share with one another and help each other out because we are all working with the same goals in mind.
• • •
We started working with the bulls at Cornells again. This year we are training 22.
Stay tuned for the YouTube videos and Facebook photos of the bulls that will be offered for sale this spring!
I don’t seem to be a whole bunch of help with these first stages of training since I’m still battling a pinched nerve and have very little strength in my left arm.
I have been babying it along to finish my calving! I think I’m getting old—ugh!