Hope nice weather is not behind us

Well, we finally got the rain that everyone was wishing for.
From what I understand the amount varied along with nasty wind and hail. Over the weekend we received 58mm at EARS and 33mm at home.
We also had more wind and hail in Emo and at the sales barn on Saturday night, neither of which does us any good.
I am hearing reports of no power, roofs off sheds and trees broken off everywhere.
We had a few of our hops plants broke off. It is near harvest, so we will just pull the hops off.
I hope our nice weather isn’t behind us. I am dreading short, dark days already.
• • •
We had another successful cattle sale on Saturday. We sold 854 head for $1,108,832.35.
Cull cow and bull prices were quite good and when I sent the market report in the lady emailed back asking if those were breeding cow prices! So good for us!
Thanks to all that support our sales barn in one way, shape or form–we have a good thing going and it is because of all the good people and cattle in our community.
• • •
We have completed most of our cereal plot harvest at EARS.
We had to scramble around last week to clean and submit our winter wheat data.
We will start cleaning the rest of our trials now with this rain.
Our canola is close to being ready to harvest and it is looking like our soybeans will be much earlier than most years.
I am working as quickly as possible to get material removed since the tile company will be returning to do some digging to try and find our problems. They have a camera they will be using to help find the issues.
It looks like we will be starting to harvest our hops soon as well.
We have a plan on how we are going to tackle the job.
Time will tell if it will be too time consuming or not!
• • •
I lost one of my summer students already. Claire’s last day was Friday and she is making her way back to Ottawa.
I dread when my students leave. I spend more time with them than anyone else.
We had a great summer as well. Having more outside days than inside with our hot dry weather really made it a fun, productive summer.
• • •
The 4-H steers have all been butchered and congratulations to Cassie Teeple and Jared Flatt for having their steers grade Prime!
If you would like to see a copy of the grade sheet just get in touch with me.
• • •
Wishing everyone a great week and a happy long weekend ahead. I am looking forward to it!