‘Holly Daze’ a hit

Emo once again hosted a wonderful weekend of “Holly Daze!”
The parade was just awesome! Maddie and Marlee each brought a friend along and this year with our “dog” theme, we not only tossed out candy canes but milk bones for all the dogs watching the parade!
Marlee’s friend, Ella, thought, “Emo sure has a lot of dogs.”
Marlee and Ella then stayed in the country for the weekend. Ella was so easy to have around and is a true country girl at heart.
We enjoyed her visit and questions: “How long have you known Clayton, Kimmie?” “Oh, about 10 years.” “He didn’t start staying at your house 10 years ago, though, right?” “Of course not, Ella!”
She would have liked to have stayed for another week but she let me know that her mom and Char are the worst for allowing them to miss school.
Life is tough when you have moms who are teachers, I think.
We had promised one of our good friends, Maria, that we would check out her display at the craft show in Fort Frances on Sunday, so we thought we would take the girls home.
But they opted out and stayed with Clayton, and did some more hunting and four-wheeling!

I can hardly believe we only have two weekends left before Christmas!
Time is slipping right along and I’d best get serious about getting things ready. I don’t have many gifts—or ideas!
The girls are easy to buy for but they aren’t expecting much this year because we bought a new tractor.
It’s unfortunate if you don’t have kids to share this time of year with because they certainly make it a lot of fun!

Last week the last of my lambs and beef went to the abattoir, which has cut down on my chores for the time being.
I look forward to the weekends so I can see my animals in daylight.
I only have been feeding my cows two times a week but I will change once I’m home a bit more.
I’m also looking forward to taking some wintery pictures. I think the snow on the trees and the cows peeking out is quite a view!

The Rainy River Regional Abattoir is looking for a few hours of your time on Saturday, Dec. 17 for a work-bee there.
We will start around 8:30-9 a.m. There just are some tasks that need to be completed that just can’t get accomplished during a normal busy work week.
We really would appreciate if you would come–and bring a friend!
The normal audit process the abattoir had to go through always finds little things to help us improve, but we just don’t always have the time or the staff to tackle the suggestions.

My report for the Emo Agricultural Research Station is near completion—and hopefully it will be by the time you are reading this!
Why I always leave the more difficult summaries to the end is silly of me because I just want to rush through it.
Once it is copied, I will leave them at Emo Feed or let me know and I’ll be sure to get you a copy.