Holiday prep marches on

I think I am finished with my outdoor light display. Of course, by the time I finished I already had a set of (new) lights not working. I was going to ignore but that lasted 5 minutes and out I went to take them down. I still need to make a few porch pots and some other greenery but that will be later this week as I am off to Toronto for a meeting. I hauled my artificial tree upstairs; you know one of the pre-lite ones. Well as you can imagine not all the pre-lights were working. They are not easy to even find the lights to test so before I had a stroke I went and dug out some other lights and I don’t think you would even know. I thought it was going to have to stay standing with just the lights as I was running out of time, but I stayed up late and got most of the decorations on it. I will get the basement tree and decorations up later this week. Now if I had all my gifts bought…

I have copies ready of my research report. I will scan it into the computer, and I can email you a copy or I will leave some extra copies at Emo Feeds this week. We are not working on next years plans and trying to figure out our tile drainage issues. I am looking forward to a little break over Christmas but thinks will start up again in early January.

We are breeding out goats! In fact, they are likely all bred now. We were able to borrow a charming little Billy Goat and he has been visiting since last Wednesday. We were much smarter this time around and did not put the Billy in with our Ram. The goats are in our shed and are quite happy with their environment. We will take the Billy back home this week and in five months we should have some adorable kids. If you are interested, let me know, we don’t need any more goats!

A big Thank You to the township of Chapple for inviting my mom and guest to their Christmas supper. The Legion hosted a wonderful meal and they a fun gift exchange followed. There was a bit of stealing happening, but I opened a ceiling fan! No one came for that! If you need a ceiling fan let me know. My mom came home with a gift pack of “Axe” cologne etc – my dad would have been proud! If you knew my dad at all he liked to smell good and if he didn’t get multiple colognes for Christmas, he was disappointed.