Here are my New Year’s wishes

Well, 2012 has come and gone!
Alas, the years do pass by much quicker now, which I know is a sign of aging.
I’m not really a New Year’s resolution person but as I waited for my tractor to warm up Monday morning, I was thinking about a few wishes that I have!
I wish that my cows have enough hay to get us through this year, I wish that we don’t experience sore feet again, and I wish that we have adequate moisture so that I am not stressing about hay next year at this time!
I certainly hope that I don’t have any missing animals, and that my boyfriend/partner and almost step-kid will catch the pack of wolves that are living much too close to me!
I wish that my family and friends stay healthy and happy. I wish that next time when we all get together for Christmas, we eat and sit and relax and not rush away since this is likely the only time we every really get together.
I wish that my friends will visit not only just at Christmas time!
I wish that our community stays vibrant, alive, and a safe place to work and grow kids! I wish that everyone going through a rough patch now will find a way to get through it and be stronger and happier.
I wish that everyone who hasn’t enjoyed the tastes of local foods will put that on their wish list!
I wish that we all will work harder at working together and make Northwestern Ontario the place to be! I wish that everyone has something happen to themselves this year that makes them stop and appreciate all that we have—and how great life can be when you make the most of every day!
Happy New Year, everyone—looking forward to a great 2013!
Thanks for reading “Moos” this past year and I hope I can entertain you again this year.