Heat most welcome

Yay! Summer has arrived. I really enjoy the heat, and we are getting plenty of wind to cool you down and keep the bugs away.
We had 3.5 mm of rain at home on Friday night although the Emo Agricultural Research Station received 22 mm. Quite a difference.
But even on Sunday, my brother was fishing with the girls and they had to get off the lake a few times due to the rain but we didn’t receive a drop at home!
Meanwhile, a local farmer (Harold Kelly) came and planted corn varieties for us here at EARS on Friday. We reserved the range along the highway, so you should see some neat corn strips at some point.
We are a little later planting but with the heat just starting, it might be perfect timing.
Thanks so much to Harold for being patient with us and taking the time out to get this planted; we really appreciate this.
Most of the crops here are popping out of the ground quite nicely, though I certainly have a lot of weeds to take care). I’m mostly waiting for the crop to get to the appropriate stage to spray.
• • •
I was able to get my cows to pasture over the weekend. I am not sure who was happier: me or them!
Mind you, Monday was our sheep-shearing day and I will be even happier to have them all out on grass. They are likely getting tired of me, as well.
Unfortunately, one of our bottle lambs bloated and died on Saturday night. Apparently, this is common with bottle lambs but it frustrates me. The time and money we have into these bottle babies is crazy.
As such, I am hoping that once they are on grass, they will have less problems. If nothing else, I’m counting on having a few less chores.
• • •
Congratulations to Roger Gerhardt for winning our weekly “Catch the Ace” draw! He chose envelope #36, which contained the six of diamonds.
This week, we are moving to the Emo Legion for our next draw. So hopefully we will see you there.
Be sure to get your tickets-the progressive jackpot is over $1,800 now!
• • •
Special thanks to Cindy at the Thread Shed for making and donating bottle cap tags that can be used for keys, backpacks, or whatever you wish.
They feature our Rainy River Raised logo, and some have a “naturally local” theme on the other side while others have the “Canada 150” logo.
They are really nice and we are selling them for $5. See me if you are interested.
I posted a picture of them on the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Facebook page, as well.