Haying is finished… maybe

We finally finished haying last week! Well, I don’t know if you can call it finished since we had to leave more in the field because of the wet spots and there was actually a small chunk that I couldn’t even access.  
I tested the path with the four-wheeler and it left a rut so I decided it wasn’t even worth trying to drive the tractor through that.  
I am hoping that is may dry out and we could still cut it. If nothing else, the cows could sleep on it.
Many are still making hay and I wish them good weather so they can finish up quickly. It is a job that nags at you until it is complete.
I am hoping that we can still do some second cut—but we will have to wait until after the critical cutting date and maybe by then the weather will decide to be on the dry side.
• • •
At EARS the winter wheat and spring barley are ready to combine. Of course they are ready to go—this is the Emo Fair Week.  
I have always booked a week off for the Fall Fair so I am hoping things will stay in good shape until I return.
• • •  
I ended up having to spray for aphids in our soybeans last week.  
The population seemed to be growing quickly and we were able to borrow chemical from Timo at North End Farms. He had just finished spraying all of his soybeans.  
Neither of us were excited we had to do this but we are hoping it will help us achieve decent yields.  
My tractor and sprayer had a hard time clearing the very tall soybeans! It will be interesting to see what the population is like after spraying . . .
• • •
The Hyatt family and friends once again hosted an absolutely beautiful wedding over the weekend. Shawn and Tracy’s daughter, Kerry, married her best friend, Brody.
Brody is from Alberta but has now been connected to a wonderful bunch of people from Devlin.
The entire week was filled with family and friends getting the place in tip top shape and it was absolutely breathtaking.
There was a whole camp ground of people in the yard—and it sounds like the Hyatt hospitality of good food, fun and some fishing was plenty.  
I have known Kerry since she was 12 and we actually became very good friends.
We had some pretty good adventures together and I was so happy and proud to share in such a special day.  
Brody is truly lucky to have found not only a great partner but a wonderful family to be a part of.
• • •
I may have written about “Tom from England” a few years ago in my Moos.
Tom is a relative of the Cornells and came over three years ago to not only learn about his relatives but also to learn about agriculture.
The last time he was here, my “boyfriend/partner” took Tom to the trapline and he really enjoyed the adventure.
He is visiting again, and this time he brought along his girlfriend, Helen.
They are both agriculture students and this was Helen’s first time out of her country!  
They were looking for another adventure, but of course this isn’t trapping season, so Clayton took then on a sightseeing/fishing adventure instead and they had a great time.
Again, we don’t realize how lucky we are to have bush, rocks and water—and all kinds of untouched country. I wish them a good visit in Canada!
• • •
And it’s Emo Fair Week . . .
I have a ton of stuff still not ready and I have to jam pack it all in over the next couple of day since we are in for a long power outage on Wednesday so I won’t be doing much cooking, crafting or bathing cows that day.  
I tried to get in changed but with no luck!  Take the time to enter something in the Exhibition Hall. It is simple—it goes in on Wednesday night between 4 and 8 p.m.
Maybe you have some great tomatoes this year, or enjoy baking or crafting! Bring it in! It really makes the fair more enjoyable when you participate!  
Be sure to visit us in the cattle barns.
It is a ton of work getting cattle ready to go to town; we really appreciate it when people drop in to see us.   
Maddie and Marlee are really growing up—they are not just walking and tugging away with calves but they have yearlings walking at their sides as well.  
It looks like my job will be just the “pooper scooper” soon!  
See you at the fair!