Hay to cut, weeds to pick, heifers to clip

And just like that, it is the middle of June! We were planning to start our first cut of hay at EARS this week. We will see how that all plays out. With all the rain last week we were out of our plots until Friday, so other things have slipped behind. The windy days make it very challenging to spray our plots. We don’t have much more to do but there are some weeds that need to go – i.e. Canada Thistle! We are working on getting our plots trimmed up and signs out. Slowly things are falling into place. I guess there were some rumblings that I didn’t plant corn at EARS. There are a few things around this that I should clarify: 1) We were cut back on what we could do at EARS this year because of Covid and limited to 1 student. We are just happy that we are working at all because many Ag Canada employees were locked out of their facilities. 2) We had to submit our potential trial list early in March and were told what we could go ahead with. Things like large soybean variety trials (we do have a small soybean trial) and dry beans were eliminated. I was told about the corn on May 26. Which is getting a bit on the later side. 3) We have 0 corn equipment. I usually always post / write asking what trials you would like me to run late fall and winter. This way I have the time to submit to my boss and find the channels that we can run this sort of thing. Corn is tough for us – we just don’t have the equipment. I know there is interest.
The Fort Frances Times have been great supporters of our 4-H program for many years. We are excited that they are planning to run weekly pictures of our 4-H Beef kids and the steers that they are selling. As well, they are hosting a website that you will be able to visit and shop. This year with no auction the members will be marketing the steers on their own. You will be able to view the steers and look at potential hanging weights. You can partner with others and have access to some of the best meat offered in the Rainy River District. Stay tuned.
Maddie and Marlee clipped their 4-H heifers on the weekend. This is likely 2 months earlier than normal. It is great practise for them. As well, they can enter a video to a Junior Hereford show of their heifers and since it is completely different year, we are taking the opportunity to do this. The video needs to be submitted by July 1st, so we have a bit of time.
The weather played havoc on some Stratton area producers with a fair bit of damage. Thankfully no one was hurt but structures were lost. We ended up with around 2” of rain both at EARS and at my place. West of here had much more rain and those terrible winds. Vita MB which isn’t too far from here had 15” or rain and farmers were out scrambling to look for young calves. I also heard that Pickle Lake received snow. New Liskeard had some killing frosts over the weekend. Again, the weather is certainly hard on farmers at times.