Hay cutting delayed by weather

So, the plan was to start cutting hay at EARS last week and then the weather changed. The plan is on for this week. It doesn’t take us all that long to cut our research portion of the forages, but we still must clean off the rest of it. I debate every cutting whether we should just chop and dump or try and bale it up. We just need a few good days here to make it all happen, but I am close to starting at home as well. I hope the system of rain every few days leaves so we can all get this task off our lists. There are some great fields out there and some not so great. Winter kill could be an issue but here at EARS our poor forages are a result of the water we had last fall. Then to top that off, the Alfalfa Weevil is targeting alfalfa and chewing away at the plants. Best thing to do with that is cut it! We have been getting quite a few calls here at EARS about it. It seems to be a year of insects. There are many reports across the province of insects playing havoc with many crops. The strong winds that we have been experiencing are ideal for carrying in pests such as the weevil. I know my mom has been battling a pest in her garden that has little to do with the wind carrying it in; it is a little chipmunk!
I ran all our sheep and goats through the handling facility again and trimmed all their feet. It went quite well but I wish you could have heard some of the sounds coming out of the goats. I hadn’t even trimmed anything, and they were upset with me just picking up their foot. They are all walking around nicely so it couldn’t have been that drastic!
I made some time to do some staining on my deck this weekend. Of course, that was Saturday night and of course we had a rain shower not long after I finished. It did make a bit of a mess on some but most of it was o.k. I am hoping I can finish that job this week and have that behind me. I am sure if anyone else has taking the time to stain their deck and they have those spindles you will know what a pain they are!
We celebrated Father’s Day at my house with prime rib. We darn near burnt the house down, but we managed not to. Shane was in charge of bringing potatoes so when he got there, we slid the Prime Rib over and popped the potatoes on the BBQ. I assumed Shane was going to tell Clayton, but he didn’t. I looked at there were flames (big flames) coming out of the BBQ. Luckily Clayton seen this as well. He wasn’t happy and felt supper was going to be ruined but it turned out awesome! I hope all the dads out there had a great day! Shane and I have been spoiled by our dad who goes out of his way to do everything he can to makes things easier for us! (Though I do remember him helping stain Shane’s deck. . . )