Hard to believe it’s November

November–who would have thought this! This weather is simply amazing.
But then you have the people who just have to tell you,“We will pay for this” or “This will be added on to the spring!”
Let’s just be positive, enjoy it, and hope it is just as nice on the other end.
This mild weather certainly is easy on people’s feed supply. Many cattle still are grazing and have little interest in eating hay when the grass is still green and even abundant in some places.
The cattle love this weather as much as we are.
I think perhaps the only people looking for cooler temperatures are those out looking for that “30-point buck!”

If you’ve driven been past the Emo Agricultural Research Station lately, you’ll see that I was able to find someone to do the field ripping.
Thankfully, Jack Gustafson spent three days here and ripped the entire place (well, I asked him to leave the winter wheat trial and our miscanthus).
The next step will be chisel plowing (I have had to out-source this, as well, since we don’t own this type of equipment).
The idea behind all this is to break the compaction layer and allow the water to drain to the tile. So please cross your fingers!
I certainly would like to thank Jack Gustafson and Reuben Korb for the use of their equipment and time. I really appreciate this.

We combined a bit more soybean at the back of our research station, but our combine was getting stuck and my helper had to push me out in every plot.
We had to chop the rest because of our tillage plans but we did get the yield data.
Next year I think I should combine all our soybeans and sell them to the deer hunters because I will tell you the deer love them. That would be great income for EARS!

Although we should be preparing water bowls and things like that for winter, it doesn’t seem right in this weather. We were working in T-shirts and sweating all weekend.
Maddie picked up her new bunny on Friday night, so we spent the weekend taking her from house to house visiting and going on four-wheeler rides.
Then on Sunday night, she wanted to go sit in a deer stand–so we did: Maddie, Bella (the bunny), me, and my camera.
She and I aren’t much for hunting so we only sat for about half-an-hour anyway.
Maddie had the weekend off from hockey but Marlee had to run back and forth. She really doesn’t like to miss out, but she told me on the weekend she is determined to be a good hockey player so she has to keep on practising!

Thanks to those who let their names stand to sit on the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture board this past weekend.
Lisa Teeple really stepped up and offered to be their new president, and I am very proud of her. It is not a true reflection of our industry when we have trouble filling positions like this.
Agriculture here in Rainy River District is strong and growing, but the worst part is we are so busy farming that we don’t take time to volunteer for important things like this.
Thanks to those who do and please consider sitting on boards—it is a worthwhile experience!