Hard to believe it’s November already

Wow, here we are–November! This year certainly has slipped past (I think it’s because we always were waiting for better weather!)
It was nice that Hallowe’en came and went with decent weather for the trick-or-treaters! Unfortunately, poor Marlee ended up missing all the Hallowe’en fun and spent the day in the hospital on I.V.
It sounds like she’s slowly improving but she was hit hard with a nasty bug.
I found it quite sweet that her friends all shared their treats, and one little sweet boy brought her over some chicken noodle soup.
It’s hard not to feel bad for kids when they are sick on special events like Hallowe’en or Christmas.
Meanwhile, “Roxee” dressed up in her cow-girl costume and was proud to show it off to all her friends at Tompkins and the kids who visited Friday night.
She had her costume last year but that also was the time when we had the foster dog, “Hope,” and we couldn’t only dress up one dog!
By the way, “Hope” (who is now “Morley”) is doing great! She ended up with a great, loving family!
• • •
My Sudbury trip was pretty good. They are much wetter there than us, which is a change. In fact, many producers are concerned that much of their crops will be left in the field.
They ended up spraying a lot of Round-up this year just to try and get things to dry down, which has left them with very little straw.
As for fall field work, they have yet to start any. A few producers planted winter wheat with a helicopter—yes, a helicopter!
As we brainstormed about what people would like to see for research in the north, it was comforting to hear that much of it is the direction we are going at the Emo Agricultural Research Station—and some of it definitely is where we would like to go.
Rainy River District is lucky to have a research station so I hope we can work together to keep is going.
This was the first time in years that I flew Bearskin. I actually found it a bit more claustrophobic than my MRI I had a few weeks ago, and next time I will take ear plugs because it was louder than my tractor!
But other than that, we had good flights.
It will be interesting to see what is generated from our two-day session of brainstorming and idea-sharing.
• • •
I’m hoping many of you will take the time to attend the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture’s annual dinner and meeting this Saturday (Nov. 8) at the Emo Legion.
A social hour is from 6-7 p.m., with dinner at 7 p.m. and then the meeting at 8 p.m.
Tickets cost $18, which you can purchase from any RRFA director (give me a call if you aren’t sure who that is).
The dinner is a great time to catch up on what we have all been doing, and there will be some brief updates on all the great things that are happening!
• • •
I’m still waiting on our tractor to be repaired. I think I will have to start feeding cows now so I certainly hope it is this week.
The time change makes for pretty dark nights before I even get home from work and if I have to haul one bale at a time for miles, it will make for long evenings!
I also am hoping for good weather so I can continue to plow at EARS. I tried on Friday but it was just too wet for my little tractor.
Have a good week–and hope to see you Saturday night!