Groundhogs galore

I think we are wearing warmer clothes now that we ever did in May or June! We need Mother Nature to turn up the heat a bit and move the rain showers out. I understand there are a few areas that are still looking for some rain, but it is time it moves on past us. We managed to get all our hay baled up on Saturday, but I literally just drove through the gate and there was drizzle on the windshield. I don’t think I have ever been that lucky. We have one last field to finish but it is a big one and the weather looks very unstable for a bit now. The rain amounts for my farm haven’t been huge, but it is just enough to keep you from haying.

Sunday, I planned to pull the bulls and sort some cattle out. Of course, with the weather being a bit cooler the cattle were not home for water or salt. We did a bunch of the little jobs like fencing, getting water hooked up for the fair cattle, but we needed the cattle. When evening rolled around, they made a quick appearance on the edge of the bush. I could see some looking up to the yard, but it is almost like they knew I was waiting for them. I decided to finish cutting my lawn and immediately went in for a hot bath to warm up. Once getting out of the tub I seen that they did come for water and salt but were heading off right away because it was raining again. So that job is still on the list for one night this week. We sorted off two black lambs that are heading to their new homes by the end of the month and the little girl goat was picked up yesterday and off to her new home! The ducks are out of confinement in the spare room and in the living room now. This has made Lexi’s job of watching over them much easier. They have settled down a lot now when they see more traffic as well. They are messy little things but that’s why we have a good vacuum.

Our 4-H club met last week to work on our display for the Emo Fair. We thought we were being so proactive and organizing ourselves to get it done early. We were only partially successful and will need to gather again to complete it. It is not easy to keep everyone busy and do some major crafting like that. Our Fun-Day is booked for July 30 at Rustin Chartier’s. The other three clubs hosted their Fun-Days this past weekend.

We have a slight groundhog issue at the research station. We have very fertile groundhogs, and we are blessed with seven little ones. We have put up the electric fence close to the ground to keep them out of our Three Sisters Project and that seems to be working. Now they are trying to explore the shop. The girls thought they had chased them out Friday when they left, but to our surprise, we had two in a garbage can when we arrived back to work on Monday. We released them and hoped they don’t want to come back in. We have had lots of advice on how to get rid of them but none of us are wanting to do that.

The next couple of weeks we have busy staff and there may be a few days we are not around. Both my students have some plans to be away for a few days along with myself. We will leave a note on the door so that you know what is up!