Great weekend at Dryden fair

Here we are–the last week of August!
Wishing Lisa Teeple a very happy 60th birthday.
On this dreary morning, listening to the weather forecast with the potential of receiving way too much rain, I am questioning whether I should have packed up cows and girls and headed to the Dryden fair! But we did and it was a great weekend.
At our own fair you, have much more to look after–food booth, other exhibits, 4-H show, etc., so Dryden is quite relaxing.
The biggest stress is me worrying about hauling the cattle. We stopped to check on them on the 502 and found a tire losing rubber on the trailer.
My boyfriend/partner thought we would make it to Dryden, and we did, and he put the spare on.
Then the worry of no spare for the ride home but while we were working with cattle, he took care of that for us. Thank goodness.
We came home the Kenora way and stopped at the junction to check on things. All seemed fine!
We came home with an extra animal. Our friend, James, purchased a 4-H pig.
James and my boyfriend/partner built a little area on the trailer to keep her away from the cows to get them all home safely.
We were pulling away from the junction and there was a terrible noise. Instant belly ache for me.
Turned out that as we turned off the Trans-Canada a transport passed us and there was a large gust of wind which blew out one of our water buckets and it ended up under the trailer.
We lost the handle off our bucket but that was it. Whew!
We made it home safely and the cattle were as happy to be home as us.
I keep them away from the rest of the cattle for a short period of time, but they will be happy to join the rest of the herd again.
• • •
The girls won some money between the Emo and Dryden Fair, so they are busy goat shopping right now.
We’ve haven’t had much luck yet finding what they are looking for, but we will keep looking.
• • •
If you haven’t heard, Baudette is hosting the World Ploughing Match this weekend.
It will likely be worth checking out, especially when it is so close to home!
The website is:
• • •
We have booked our Stratton Sales Barn Work-Bee for Monday, Sept. 2 at 9 a.m. (Many of out people are heading to the ploughing match in Baudette.)
We have a complete job-list ready to go. Please join in and bring a friend or two!
Our first fall cattle sale is Sept. 7.
If you have cattle or would like to work, please get in touch with James at (807) 271-2005.
• • •
We should be on the combine at EARS but we need the weather now.
I am really hoping the weather predictions are wrong. Our hops are very close to harvest as well.
If you are interested in spending a day picking hops, please let me know. We would be happy to have you!
The phone number for EARS is 807-482-2354.