Great weather so enjoyable

This great weather sure hasn’t stopped the grass from growing!
Last week I was thinking I had cut my lawn for the last time, but it is not looking like that. And flowers still are looking very beautiful so I keep hauling water to them.
It’s so enjoyable to be out in the yard when the bugs are not carrying you away. The only problem is it gets dark so early these days! I was trying to water my flowers with a flashlight but remembered I have one of those headlamps (this way you still have your hands).
• • •
It looks like we should be moving into soybean harvest this week at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. We still have a few later varieties that might not be ready but the majority are.
I’m still not predicting high yields since there aren’t many seeds in each pod. I hope they prove me wrong but. . . .
We also have some great-looking third-cut forage stands but I haven’t decided if we should harvest yet or not. We have had some light frosts but nothing too severe.
If the tile company moved in, that would end our field work for a period of time anyway.
Meanwhile, we have all kinds of seed to clean and collect data on–but it’s hard to be inside measuring seed when the sun is inviting you outside.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee now are interested in riding the horse every chance they get, so I made them a deal that we had to do some work first and then the fun later.
They were busy picking up pieces of wood that were left around from the new bull/horse/calf shelter they are building for me and then we got the horse out.
Maddie understands the importance of grooming your horse carefully before you saddle him up but Marlee just is interested in the riding part (Maddie carefully brushes and inspects every spot on him).
They decided that they were ready for trotting this weekend—and they loved the bumpy ride. I noticed that it ended up that Maddie did most of the running beside the horse while Marlee bounced along and kept convincing her “just one or two more times!”
We thought we all would venture for a longer walk this past weekend with “Alex” over to Auntie Carol’s. But because the sun was shining so brightly, many snakes were soaking up the sun on the road and that ended our enjoyable Sunday stroll.
• • •
I hosted another party over the weekend that again was supposed to be a surprise but don’t think it was!
My best friend, Jason, turned 40 so we had a little gathering for him!
The parties just aren’t like they use to be–we used to stay up all night and still be able to work all day. But it’s Monday and I’m still tired—and we didn’t even stay up all night!
Wishing Jason a great 40th year anyway.
• • •
James Gibson will be travelling around when he has a bit of spare time drumming up cattle for our next sale at the Stratton sales barn, which is set for Saturday, Oct. 3.
If you have any questions, get in touch with James (the date is coming up quickly).
With the case of Blue Tongue that has been found in southern Ontario, someone was running around predicting prices were going to slide downwards.
It’s not looking like that but that Blue Tongue-free status will be removed from all Canadian cattle.
Blue Tongue causes no human health scare so the experts are saying we won’t see any market changes.