Great weather for ‘Spring Fever Days’

Well, it seems Mother Nature decided to remind us not to get too excited about spring.
But it was great that she gave us such wonderful weather for “Spring Fever Days” in Emo!
It’s been a long time since we had three beautiful days like that for this event. The wind was a little wild but other than that, it couldn’t have been much better.
“Spring Fever Days” often lands on the same weekend as our spring cattle sale, but that wasn’t the case this year. Since we had a barn full of new lambs, we decided we should take a few out and share them with people on Saturday.
Heather and I were supposed to be selling “Canada Day Cash” lottery tickets for the Riverside Foundation for Health Care, but we certainly were busier with all the questions about the lambs.
It is a good thing I have my mom and dad selling tickets at Cloverleaf–they were more successful than us.
Thanks to all of those who bought tickets! It is so nice to hear from people that they support this lottery since it is for a great cause!
And that is right—health care is important to us all!
• • •
Science nights are happening in many schools across the district.
I was able to attend one last week at J.W. Walker in Fort Frances. Ralph and Joanne had the “trapping” display all set up, so I just had to show up and do the talking.
The fur kit always results in lots of questions and everyone tests their knowledge on animal I.D. It seemed like a great night for families to explore various displays.
I will be attending S.C.A.P. this week but my display is agriculture. I am looking forward to it.
• • •
I easily could have been on the land last week at the Emo Agricultural Research Station but decided to hold off, mainly because our big tractor has flat tire that I am waiting for the repair man to come and fix.
We are getting two new tractors but they are not in yet.
Our seed is only arriving this week, as well, and with the weather forecast like it was, it was better to leave the soil untouched.
Nick is returning to work this week so he will be busy weighing seed and getting trials together. Destiny, meanwhile, starts next week.
It is great to have two students returning.
• • •
Our spring cattle sale will be held this Saturday (April 25) at 9 a.m.
If you have any questions, contact sales barn manager James Gibson at 487-2731 or 271-2005 (cell).
Our sale once again will be broadcast with DLMS.
James is thinking he has more than 1000 head already, so it sounds like we will have a busy day.
Come on down for a drive and have lunch with us. It will be a great place to visit and watch some good cattle go through the ring at record prices.