Great weather for long weekend

What a great long weekend! Amazing weather, lots of good company, visiting, and, of course fencing!
We certainly had pretty darn good weather and here at my house, we received a half-inch of much-needed rain!
The best part is the rain came and then the sun returned all in the same day! That doesn’t happen very often!

We now have a permanent zip-line installed on the farm. My boyfriend/partner brought his two great-nieces over for a few runs on Saturday while everyone was fishing in the Stratton derby.
I decided I’d better stay home and do some yard work rather than fish.
Then we all headed back for the great supper and had another nice visit with Mrs. Heyens, who also was celebrating her 91st birthday.
Every time I get to visit with her, she amazes me with her quick wit and knowledge of so many people.

I met the girls in Devlin on Sunday morning so they could spend some time in the country (likely the bigger attraction was the Debney twins from Dryden were in town and up for some good ol’ play time).
We spent pretty much the entire day Sunday at the zip-line and enjoyed some deck time. We all were filthy and sun-kissed but it sure was a fun day!

Since we slacked off so much on Sunday, we needed to pull up our socks on holiday Monday.
The girls headed over to the Zimmermans to play with the twins while we adults headed to the bush and fenced all day long. The cows are anxious to get to grass but I am hoping to keep them until next weekend.
The rain will help bring the grass along but it needs a little more height.
It was the first time I ever checked fences at Nanny’s without advice from her.
We are hoping and planning to install a new perimeter fence at her place–it was truly something that she wanted.

We still are waiting for our sheep to be sheared but I think I even might be happier to see them on grass than the cows.
I officially have one bottle lamb and a second one that will take a bottle every now and then.
I was thinking they would be great over at my mom and dad’s—but they are never home so it is just as easy to keep them here!

We slowly but surely are getting everything planted at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. We have been stalling on a couple of trials that we are planting for the University of Guelph.
We also are doing some herbicide work, but it is pre-emergence and I don’t want to plant and have the soybeans up before we even see the chemical!
Once all the crop is in, we will start to re-plant our laneways. There is still lots of rock to pick and grass to cut!
You may have noticed we installed our new signs, and our new fuel shed is built and just needs to be painted!

A reminder that the red pine, white spruce, and cedar seedlings are in. Please pick them up at your earliest convenience!