Great time at ‘Gold Rush Gala’

Congratulations to the committee that worked so hard to stage the “Gold Rush Gala” on Saturday night at the Emo-La Vallee Community Centre.
The event was well-attended and supported by many across our district. It was great to see.
I think everyone had a great time and we all hope you generated some dollars that will help rebuild the tired structures that exist at the fairgrounds in Emo.
One of the guests mentioned to my parents that it’s unfortunate events like this haven’t been happening more frequently so we could keep our community structures up to date.
I’m sure the committee is a little tired this week to consider this thought, but I really thought it was a great comment/suggestion.
The Special Events committee for the Riverside Foundation for Health Care hosts a very successful event like this every fall, and all the money stays in the community to support our three hospitals and Rainycrest.
Pulling us all together and raising money to make this a great place to live is well worth it.
• • •
Sunday was a busy day on the farm as it was our first round of the annual vaccinations for the cattle. Many years we often are up to our knees in mud but we all know that wasn’t the case this year!
We were unable to use the handling facilities because there was just too much ice. Rather, we made use of our maternity pen and it went very well.
The cows and yearlings were given three shots.
I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to get to the yearlings because the ice was so thick that I couldn’t get that side of the corral opened. Fortunately, my boyfriend/partner took an axe and chopped it out so we could get in the corral, as well.
The calves only needed two shots.
The strangest thing happened-a steer calf ended up with an anaphylactic reaction and died. Ugh. It is rare but it does happen and it just happened to us.
I guess there are good success rates if you keep a bottle of epiclor on deck, and you can bet we will from now on, but we sure weren’t thinking about that! We have been vaccinated animals my entire life and this is the first time and I hope it is the last.
I now have one cranky momma cow.
• • •
Lois Caul was the lucky winner of the “Catch the Ace” draw made Saturday night at the “Gold Rush Gala.”
She won $419 as her share of the weekly prize but picked envelope #32, which contained the four of spades so she didn’t win the progressive jackpot.
We will be at “Spring Fever Days” in Emo this week and will make the draw at 2 p.m. on Saturday. We hope the weather co-operates and we will be outside on the street!
• • •
This Saturday also is our workbee at the Stratton sales barn. I have circulated the list of jobs that are on the list to complete.
Lunch will be provided so please come along with a friend and some tools! We will be getting thing set up for our first sale on Saturday, April 28.
If you need information or would like to book cattle with our manager, give James Gibson a call at 271-2005.
• • •
I hope to see everyone out at “Spring Fever Days” in Emo-and I sure hope spring arrives by then, too!