Getting set for calving

It sounds like this spell of mild January weather is nearing the end.
You might want to get out in the next few days since I’m hearing colder temperatures are in store by week’s end.
The positive thing about this? We have this long month behind us and it brings us another month closer to green grass!
• • •
I moved my cows into the yard–likely plenty early but it gives me comfort in having them closer to home now that they are closer to calving.
I can keep a closer eye on them now but will wait a bit longer to start getting up through the night.
My new heifers will have to learn the ropes of how we do things around here, so I may bring them into the barn a few times before they calve.
• • •
We had a great annual meeting of the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association last week.
The RRCA board for 2015 includes Micha Gerber, Ray Chartier, Steve Loshaw, Clayton Teeple, Mark Husser, Roger Irvine, Bud McQuaker, Jeff Pollard, Delton Martin, Aaron Kuorikoski, Thatcher Haggberg, and myself.
Our guest speakers, Barry Potter and Joe Hill, had some excellent information that certainly had us all thinking.
Delton Martin, Clayton Teeple, and James Gibson will be attending the Beef Farmers of Ontario annual meeting in Toronto, and will represent us all well.
• • •
Once again we joined in on the beef symposium held at the University of Guelph via WebEx on Saturday.
The topics were excellent and it was well worth the time.
We are lucky that they offer this to us here in the north. I don’t think many of us would be travelling to Guelph to participate.
This year, the first topic was “The Northern Beef Cow Herd Expansion” and we were privileged to have Delton Martin share his story to everyone.
Delton did a wonderful job.
I have to admit I was disappointed with the lack of attendance on our end, but I was pleased that the people who did take the time to attend really enjoyed the day and felt it was very worth their while!
I do find it frustrating that I continually hear things like, “We didn’t know about that” or “They don’t offer anything like that to us!” But when they do, those people don’t show up.
When they offer things to us and we have poor attendance, it doesn’t help us to continue accessing events or speakers in the future.
We are all equally busy.
• • •
Everyone is welcome to attend the Rainy River Hereford Association’s annual meeting and potluck supper this Friday (Jan. 30) at 7 p.m. at the Stratton seniors’ centre.
It is a very casual night and we don’t care what colour your cows are!
• • •
I would like to wish my sister-in law, Char, a very happy 40th birthday! I am thankful every day that she allows us to share so much in the lives of Maddie and Marlee.
She sees how great it is that the girls get to experience life on the farm and allows them to attend many country events!
She was surprised with a 40th birthday party over the weekend so we had the girls out. Unfortunately, they were cranky and fighting from a long, busy week.
I told Marlee that I thought I might have to take them back home, and tell their mom that they were tired and fighting lots.
Marlee replied, “Well, I am going to tell momma some of the country words that you say!”
Thankfully they still get to come farming.