Getting set for calving season

Monday marked the last day for me to feed cows in 2018–just six months until green grass!
The cows are enjoying their last month of freedom as calves will begin arriving around the middle of February.
My boyfriend/partner has been packing the yard a bit since the horrible wet fall made for some very frozen tractor ruts. Once things are smoothed out, we will get the windbreaks in place and by the end of this month, the cows will be moved into the yard.
We will have to get them home near the middle of the month as the first-calf heifers will need to have their booster shot to protect their calves from scours.
The sheep all should be bred now but I do still have a few to make the trip to the abattoir. We get that all booked up once everyone is back on track from the holidays.
I understand it is going to get rather mild by the end of this week. Truth be told, though, I would rather it stay cool, sunny, and winter-like. No, not minus-40 but minus-10 to minus-15 is pretty decent (with no wind!)
• • •
I have some projects I would like to tackle before I get into calving season.
Although I don’t really set any New Year’s resolutions for myself, I really want to work hard at staying on track this year and not letting things pile up on me–and that even may mean letting some things go!
• • •
The abattoir is moving into a new project in hopes of making things financial viable! This won’t happen without some hard work and most likely long hours.
Stay tuned.
• • •
Please take the time to join us at our Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association annual meeting on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of the Way School!
We are excited that Rick Wright is coming to speak to us about “What are the buyers looking for when buying your calves!”
Rick is our auctioneer so many of you will be familiar with him.
• • •
Don’t forget to get your “Catch the Ace” tickets!
They cost just $2 each and the progressive pot is now more than $18,000, with this week’s draw set for Friday (Jan. 4) at 7 p.m. at the Emo Legion.
It is getting very exciting!
• • •
The holidays were rather quiet this year but they certainly slip away very quickly. If we just could slow down time.
I really enjoy Christmas but I really don’t enjoy how quickly it passes us by!
The girls have been in Florida so we haven’t been doing any animal fun, crafts, or events. They will arrive home soon–but just in time for hockey!
• • •
Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you all happiness and health in 2019.